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Ride Logger for Android Phones

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Ride Logger uses GPS to record time, speed, average speed, distance and acceleration data during a motorbike ride. Rides can be replayed on a map on the phone, or a Google Earth (KML) file can be generated. The file also shows points of max speed, acceleration and deceleration.

    Can be switched between mph and kph.


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  4. okay i got it now

    you would need your phone in your helmet and the app on as below shows what the app access on the phone

    so it turns the camera on and super imposes the info on the recorded image

    hence why its called head up display

    ZP Dashboard - ADI was developed for Android by App.Zero.Point

    Package name : com.zara.app.dashboardpro

    System permissions : 5 Click here to show/hide list

    * android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
    * android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
    * android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION
    * android.permission.INTERNET
    * android.permission.CAMERA
  5. I tried Speed Hud yesterday and it seemed pretty good, but you need to send the files to a comptuer and use a spreadsheet editor or google earth for it to be useable since it's sitting in my pocket for the ride. I want to be able to use the phones maps or have better long term graphs (a rides length), Ride Logger looks good but I might give the free Speedometer a try first.
  6. oh my ****ing god i am so glad i rode to uni today
  7. wtf ????????
  8. So I can run all these apps on the way home and report back :)

    With zp dashboard, are you sure it needs the camera or does it just go off the accelerometer? Doubt it could pick up your angle from visual cues only.
  9. Mm, I've been using the Google-made "My Tracks" for logging my bicycle commutes. At the end of each ride you can have it automagically upload the tracklog to a custom Google Map (which you can have private/public) and the ride data (eg: average speed, etc) to a Google Documents spreadsheet.

    Analysing roll/pitch angle would probably be done via the phone's accelerometers rather than the camera. With some clever mathematics and the knowledge that you'll always be pulled towards Earth at ~1G (give-or-take for road dips and crests), it'd be easy enough to parse out which way is "down" and work out acceleration, pitch and roll.
  10. Most droid phones have a gyroscope in them - thats how you get the spirit level app to work
  11. Yeah I used to use mytracks on every trip, until it gave me this once when I was going on a maccas run:


    was to eager to give new tyres a squirt without traffic and forgot to turn it on :(
    will do it tomorrow if i can remember
  12. Mmm, that's not completely unique to My Tracks. I've achieved speeds of 660kph up Macquarie Pass on my Tiger; 186kph or so on my mountainbike, both with dedicated GPSes made by Garmin.

    It's mostly an anomaly that pops up due to the GPS extrapolating the path of the vehicle after satellite reception is lost. When the GPS reacquires a solution, it suddenly "joins the dots" in the tracklog, causing the vehicle to (apparently) jump from one point to another over a fraction of a second.

    Normally you're travelling in the same direction as before, more or less, so it's not a problem... But if you lose reception just before you hit a 180 degree hairpin, the vehicle could "teleport" 10, 20, 100 metres in a fraction of a second. Speed is distance over time, and suddenly there's 471.1kph. :D
  13. Yeah, well aware of why it happened. Used to happen everyday on the M4 and one of my mates had sent me another horrible app (not even 2 stars on the market) that didn't do it - guessing it filled the gaps in with the accelerometer.

    Can't even remember what it is anymore, might have to dig up old backups of my phone and see if I can find it.
  14. I've seen this on a couple of different Garmin Etrex GPSes. I wonder if the dedicated nav units do it too.

    Certainly, if this is possible, it puts paid to police seizing your GPS and trying to use it as evidence against you if such readings can be obtained. By the same token you'd probably be hard pushed to use the unit in your defence.

    Anyway, back on topic; these apps, particularly the one that the OP posted, do they record moving average speeds and moving travel time as well as overall averages/times? The ones that I've tried don't record moving average. So, when you're stopped at a servo, cafe or whatever, it still records your speed. So, you end up with a lower average.
  15. iGO8 on my phone does all of this as well as fixed camera alerts. I think its the best app by far the windows mobile.
  16. give me 3hrs and i'll tell you

    mytracks gives you a moving average, but it doesn't show you speed etc at various points in the trip, just averages and your route
  17. Well just tested speedometer. Forgot to set it to km/h so everything is in mph, but

    quite impressed. Essentially the same functionality as mytracks (without average moving speed, sorry mjt57) but you can replay the route and watch yourself putt along google maps. It also didn't get sucked into the 400km/h vortex on the M4 which is ace.
  18. I gave speedometer a try on the way home, does it not remember your settings? I put it in km/h during the day, but when I did the run it was in mph...

    Apart from that it was fantastic and exactly what I am looking for.
  19. My run home came out in km/h. Also I apparently passed out on the throttle for almost a minute and clocked up a decent 166km/h on parramatta rd :/.

    I guess theres only so much I can expect with A-GPS.
  20. I use sportstracker for pretty much the same thing on foot and bicycle, may give it a whirl on the moto and report back.