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Ride like a Nana for a day, two or week..!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ashes, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Just a thought that might help new as well as older riders..

    Over the last few weeks I've had more than my normal amount of lane mergers, SMIDSY's and surprises. Not an alarming amount and nothing that got me into trouble but just a few more than usual. Pretty easy to ingore it without thinking too much about it but a thought did occur to me. Had my riding or road awareness changed and was I contributing to it. I'm sure the wet weather hasn't helped as well.

    I have been flat out busy at work so maybe my head wasn't in it completely so....I made a conscious decision to ride (and drive) like a Nana for a week to see what difference it made.

    Riding like a Nana involves...
    - not accelerating as hard (just a bitl quicker than cars)
    - maintaining larger safety spaces in front (about 50% more than usual)
    - not lane splitting moving traffic (stationary OK)
    - cornering less aggressively
    - longer indication instead of flick and go
    - more talking to yourself about what is happening to the traffic around you as apposed to mindlessly humming tunes in your helmet or thnking about work/home etc!
    - focussing on making eye contact with drives
    - ensuring that you are visible in their mirrors and focussing on avoiding blind spots
    - pretty much doing everything the licence course recommends!

    What I found...
    - fuel economy was a vast improvement
    - not a single incident
    - took no longer to get to work. The same bottlenecks in traffic still exist regardless.
    - you are far more switched onto the traffic around you and conditions up ahead.

    Did it diminish the fun in riding the bike, not really, commuting in heavy traffic is only so much fun anyway. Do you need to ride like this everywhere? No, time and a place for a good blat still exists, just not on the freeways going to and from work.

    Anyways, if you are getting surprised more than you like, try it for a few days and note the difference.
  2. News just in......... :LOL:
    I always wonder about riders that have road problems everywhere they go, as you have found out, most of it is attitide.
    An incident every week or two I can understand, but several a day, well, you're not doing something right!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. That is probably the BEST and most impacting advice for anybody and everybody I have come across on this web page.. Nicely written and expressed mate...

    Completley valid and I hope EVERYBODY will not only see this, but UNDERSTAND and UTILISE such a precious piece of information... cos no matter if they rich and wealthy, that cash wont persuade anybody but themself that they are a dollar blinded idiot who gets theyre balls from showing off instead of easing off..

    Life may get boring, but chillin is still be better than that rush which is known to put good people 6 feet deep underground

  4. I don't know about all that.
    Fuel economy is better though but believe it or not but i find riding fast in traffic (steady pace but still faster then everything else) to be more incident free then going slower and im not sure how you ride but if you ride faster and do it correctly you cut massive amounts of time off in travel time.

    The faster you ride the more your switched on. :wink:
  5. But you also have more things to deal with, quicker, so the extra attention is not a nett gain in attention really.
  6. Not like an actual nana

    Please though don't ride my like my actual nanas;
    Nana 1 - completely oblivious to everything/everyone around, slow reflexes, couldn't see over the steering wheel, max. speed of 20km/hr on a good day.
    Nana 2 - original lead-foot, petal to the metal grandma. Very, very scary!
  7. That's a pretty good reminder.
    When caught up in the moment of riding it is quite difficult to get ones own attention and just knock it down a notch.

    Too many times riders have probs, and they look for the cause in their techniques, riding skills, awareness levels etc etc....when in fact it is not any one single thing that is giving them grief.
    What they really need to do is just slow it down a little....and let things happen just that little bit more easily, and suddenly their "Form" comes back to them.
  8. Sound advice Ashes - especially with the ongoing wet roads of late.

    Have been noticing whilst driving around of late that more & more folk are just not looking - pulling out infront without enough space, suddenly turning without indicating, etc etc. Whenever it happens to me in the car always think about the consequences if I was on the bike.

    As my Dad repeatedly said whilst teaching me to drive - always treat other road users as idiots. Advice thats done me well in the 20 odd yrs of driving.
  9. Hmmm... The faster you ride the more chance of being seriously injured :shock: I think i would rather TURN UP a few minutes later. Nothing i do is THAT important be it work or otherwise.
  10. I've pretty much been doing this for the last week, mainly attributed to keeping revvs 5-7k max. Hugely different.

    Probably sensible for the commute. I timed the time it took me to get home by being 'granny like' and it was 37 minutes instead of the usual 25-30.
  11. Yeah ture, but it doesn't matter if you don't mind getting hurt/killed.
  12. mmm...spoken like a rider who's never been there?...Hurt really Hurts! Pain levels that nearly leave you unconscious, or wishing you were with the agony of it....
    ...and well getting killed really is horrid!...Not the getting killed part as such, but the sheer terror you feel just before you think it REALLY is about to happen.
    Anyone who's been there would'nt be so cavalier!
  13. Re: Not like an actual nana

    Heyyy I think I've met her, in Brighton. Shes the one straddling TWO lanes as well?

  14. On top of not being able to work, socialise, or be self sufficient. The pain was manageable for me, but being stuck at home 24/7 sent me insane.