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Ride leaders/ organizers meet ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser1, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Led a ride/ want to lead a ride/organising rides... done it? Thought about doing it? Experiences, questions, doubts....
    Just gauging interest in a get-together of those (within NetRider) who're interested in the topic.
    Perhaps sometime during the cooler months?

  2. One grasshoper right here.
  3. count me in on this always interested in finding out other peoples thoughts and ideas.

    it is always a good day when you learn something new
  4. I've run a few small ones, mainly with the help of Chairman (and vice versa) - I'd be keen.
  5. 4 sounds like a start , will post this again sometime (or dig it out of the archives) :D
  6. Would be interested also.

  7. Organised rides are great if you want to go slow. Frankys moto is ride as fast or as slow as you like and stop at the next set stop. Then everyone waits for all the slowies to catch up. There are no leaders.

    I like Frankys rides cos they're not boring and peeps can go at their own pace.
  8. I'll come, and bring some snags to put on the BBQ too :)
  9. I wouldn't mind. Got a ride coming on the 1st May. I like Sandman/Franky's idea, I'm worried about holding everybody up becuase my riding skills are not as good as others.
  10. Don't be!! It's posted as a learner ride, and anyone going along expecting or doing a pace faster than any learners should be ashamed of themselves. (and IMHO being spoken to at the next stop!) If it's a learners ride, it's a learners pace - if you wan't to go faster than the leaners then go on another ride. Many learners do feel the need to keep up if the group is not following learner pace (generally because they don't realise it's faster), putting too much undue strain on their abilities.
  11. I'm interested, always keen to learn something new.
  12. This is not just about day-rides or zipping around the Dandenongs for a few hours. Different "rules" apply on multi-day rides/ week/ 2 weeks etc.
    Flash 'n dash rides are only one thing...
  13. :D :D :D
  14. i'd put myself in this catagory;
    if a get-together is arranged,
    please do notify (PM) me.
  15. :D :D Give you a few weeks to get used to the bike again and for your wrist to be fully recovered, and we'll make it a Mt. Bulla day ride :)
    I already have the training wheels off my little nephews bicycle ready and waiting to be fit to your VFR whenever you get it back from Peter Stevo's :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: 8) 8)
  16. Leaving them at the meeting point in the morning :p :p :p

    Yo, going along with you and Jase on that Learner stuff, if it's a Learner/ newbie ride, that's it. Anybody else can organize their own stuff.
    It's about learning, not wind-friction melting the Repsol-paintjob.