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Ride Jan 1st, meet cnr wellington rd and stud rd. 9:30am

Discussion in 'VIC' started by uncle greg, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. last year was not the best for me and my fambly
    tomorrow 1st of January I hope to make a better start
    how can I achieve this you ask?
    well we can start the year on the bike that's how!!!!
    meet at 7/11 corner wellington rd and stud rd 9,30 depart 10 am this ride will be the usual loiner friendly but will entail around 400km so if your not too hung over and want a blast you know where to come

  2. 10am sounds doable... I'm just worried I could be the only one to turn up. Hopefully there are some others to, uh, divert Greg's attention :)

    Which general direction were you planning on heading?
  3. im gonna show, but only because you posted this in three other threads
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  4. I should be able to join but after 2pm which could be a little too late to catch you if you're going to skyline :(
  5. ride fast
    you know the root were taking so on your bike pal
  6. It's going to be mostly freeway for me, so can't ride fast.

    Which way are you doing skyline from?

    Keep an eye on your phone tomorrow.
  7. And yeah, happy fcuking new year indeed!
  8. Gembrook hellsville Marysville thornton back Eildon skyline wanka wanka yea flowersdale king lake hellsville
  9. i hear that hellsville is a bit hot round this time of year
  10. you better fcuking believe it
  11. Happy fn new year uncle g. Hope the new one is going to be better than the last for ya. Happy new year to every one else , hoping yours will be better than the last. Rod.
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  12. If everyone's going at my pace you should have no trouble catching up ;)
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  13. he will make it too soon and think he missed us
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  14. I'll be there tmr.
  15. happy new year
  16. We'll be there. 1st ride for 2015 8)
  17. Excellent, I'm coming.
  18. #19 Decided to Ride, Jan 1, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2015
    Must have missed you guys by a couple of minutes. Still had a good ride with some other random up to Healesville.
  19. Yeah 2014 was not fun at all here too...
    But what a brilliant start to a new year Uncle Greg! I'm sure you've had terrific time today. Wish I was there riding... Hope 2015 is going to be much better for everyone. Happy New Year guys!
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