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Ride it like its stolen -

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Funkmonkey, Oct 8, 2011.


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  2. Why has it got crash bars? It has ABS surely that's enough
  3. I'd be guessing that if it DOES go down, those cylinder heads would be the first thing to hit the deck, and even at Government prices, they wouldn't be cheap.....
  4. Maybe they're SMIDSY bars? Cars get airbags so maybe we get SMIDSY bars :-k
  5. I kicked a cop bike today.
  6. :rofl:

    Where's my pics?
  7. You clearly dont work in Governemnt !

    Governemnt prices are HIGHER not lower.
    We pay more for everything.
    It's called efficiency. ](*,)

    Your tax dollars are work I'm afraid.
  8. Haha that makes two of us! Theyre surprisingly difficult to get your leg over.
  9. A few more pics.

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  10. Oh fuck I lol'd......bike may catch fire......love it
  11. Hmm, so where's his rear relector?
    Unless it's tucked right under tail light I'd issue him with a defect notice.... :p

  12. Yeah i wasnt gonna push it :p
    I was trying to convince one of the other guys to start flicking switches to find how to switch on the lights and sirens cos the cop wouldnt tell me.
    So mean.
  13. LMAO. A rider going to the WSBK last year got pulled by the filth for a 'random' stop. He was harassed for not having a reflector on his bike and the po-po was talking about tickets. Then the rider pointed out the rozzer didn't have one either.

    "right you are sir, away you go"

    Some days are funnier than others.
  14. Where is his rego label?
  15. The doughnut warmer under the seat. They suck heaps of amps and catch the seat foam on fire.

    Or Government propaganda to get them to turn off the bike. Saving two cents a week on fuel. And costing ten years of life on the motor.
    But that does not matter cause they will just auction it to some poor schmuck in the general public who thinks we look after our things.
    Just another tax ha ha
  16. The rear relector is just one of those requirments brought in years ago but is really starting to have no relevance...
    Only there just in case you have lost your tail lights for some reason.....
    It's required in bicycles because batteries can go flat..
    Required in early cars years ago as they only had a center tail light so reflectors were some minimal insurance should your bulb blow...
    The modern car does not have relectors because of two tail lights and reflector element was supposed to have been designed in the tail light itself but that's hardly the case now particularly as LED rear lights are taking over.

    It's still a requirement on motorcycles because many still have the single tail light but remember stacks of bikes have two brake/tail bulbs in their single rear light and LED will eventually replace all rear lighting on all vehicles..

    My GS500 had two rear bulbs but my TDM had a single so I replaced it with a road legal LED setup as I didn't want to be on one of my long country rides with a blown rear light...
    I know you can carry a spare bulb but it could go out without you knowing for a few k's.

    One of those antiquated rules just like the rego lable that has miminal modern day relevance and they use against you BECAUSE THEY CAN....
  17. I thought the reflector also had something to do when it was parked?

    Either way, pretty cool getting shots on the bike, while not being handcuffed and having to sit on the pilion seat...
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  18. yeah forgot to mention that but again not much relevance these days...
  19. The mirrors in modern headlights act like reflectors anyway...
  20. You know the amazing thing about these machines is even with all the junk attached to them they're still a highly balanced machine. The centre of balance is the centre stand.

    A copper and I were sitting on our bikes together and he was laying back on his and gently rocking back and forth like it was a rocking chair. I was very jealous, mine is a lumpy son of a biatch so I asked if we could swap. He thought about but didn't go for it.

    But he did show me the engineering that goes into the solos and why it makes it easy to flick them around when they chase you. My advice is don't let one chase you, not without a 15 minute head start.