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Ride In The Danadenongs Today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RedRobbo, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Had a great ride out there today, I am really starting to enjoy the twists and turns so much more fun on a bike than a car:)(y) . Anyway on the way back I was getting quite frustrated as I witnessed a four wheel drive getting way to close to a couple on a touring motorcycle in front of me. The tourer was going faster than the speed limit so they weren't going slow. I just kept thinking why doesn't the four wheel drive just get passed he had plenty of opportunities. I guess this is just typical car drivers trying to get under the skin of motorcyclists:banghead: .

  2. Sounds like a typical Melbourne driver following the 0.5 second rule for safe following distance.
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  3. Glad you are enjoying the hills mate, great day for it. I havnt been doing much riding of late, been fanging about in the new car. Actually thinking of selling the CBR and start getting some cash together for the next ride. Might stick it on here and see how it goes
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  4. Yeah it's just bloody annoying. I could understand if they were going slow but I was doing 90 in an 80 zone.
  5. Thanks Shane, what's the new car mate? When do you come off restrictions buddy? It's funny I have been thinking about a bigger bike to. What bike you thinking of getting. For memory it's the street Ducati yeah. Anyway I will be down to Saturday morning practice in a couple of weeks hopefully I'll catch up with you then(y).
  6. Hey Rob, still got a few months of restrictions. Not really sure what I'm going to buy yet, Street Triple is still on the top of the list to test ride. Going to the bike expo in a few weeks, see what else is out there.
    May sound weird but I got out of my VE SS into a new Mazda 3 Diesel! Buying the wife a new family truckster so didn't really need the big V8 anymore. The Mazda is great! Good on fuel and goes surprising well.

    Might try to get down to practice be next weekend, my weekend off, just depends what the wife has planned
  7. I am going to the bike show to just not sure what day at this stage. I have now got just under 12 months to go til I am off restrictions:).
  8. So you got your full licence? Well done mate :)
    I'm going to the expo on Friday after work, should be there about lunchtime