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Ride ideas for Warrnambool area?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sammyboy94, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. So I've been a Warrnamboolian for almost 10 years. But only just moved back after 5 years away and am yet to do any real riding down here. Anybody got any ideas for good rides? I know the only real rides down this way are on the great ocean road but still thought it was worth an ask :)

    I personally have always been a fan of highway riding as well as back roads so I am easy to please haha. Problem is, half the roads down this way are f***ed! which can really limit options especially given the weather this time of the year. Riding is hard enough in the wind and rain without having to dodge potholes.

    So if any of you guys have ridden down this way and know some little secrets ill be happy to know! :)

  2. There's some good riding in the Grampians, not too far from you.

    Other than that, the only thing that comes to mind is the great ocean road.
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  3. If memory serves me correctly (it's been a while), Port Fairy-Macarthur I think this road isn't too bad. Nothing like mountains, but a few nice bends.

    Timboon also has some nice twisties in the area.

    Apart from that I think you'd need to go further. East the Great ocean road is nice of course, but there are other roads north of it such as the Forest-Apollo Bay Rd. I haven't been on Colac-Lavers Hill Rd yet, but I think there are a number of roads around there that are nice, although this time of year they might be a bit slippery / mossy?

    Otherwise as an alternative you could look at Casterton-Harrow-Coleraine. Probably further away than what you'd like, but if you're looking for a day trip out it might be worth considering.
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  4. I will be looking toward Casterton maybe towards the end of august.When the weather starts to clear up for us. Will probably go to Casterton via Port Fairy and Heywood and return via Hamilton and Penshurst. Should make for a pretty good ride :)
  5. Not a bad loop that , especially the Casterton-Colleraine-Hamilton-Penhurst-Warnambool bit - undulating long straights and sweepers .

    +1 also to the roads inland from the GOR - plenty of good riding around there. And also in and around the Grampians too .
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  6. There's plenty of good riding around Timboon and I enjoy the occasional ride up to Cape Bridgewater (the scenic road to the Cape Nelson lighthouse is always worth a go). If I need a quick ride then I enjoy the Port Fairy-Hamilton Rd then turn onto the Heywood-Woolsthorpe Rd towards W'bool. The Ellersile-Panmure is also not bad for a quickie. For real twisties though, the GOR and Grampians are the best bet. Give me a shout if you feel like company, I'm in Killarney. :)
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  7. Riding up to Cape Bridgewater sounds like fun! Definitely going to try that one out ^_^ Always happy to find locals to ride with too! Sure beats riding on your own so i may just take you up on that offer >:O
  8. I've been thinking of riding to Lorne one day as i've never been and heard that Lorne is a really nice place. Anybody here been there? Worth the ride?
  9. It's a great ride but take care going through the Otways - can be slippery if it's damp/wet. I remember coming back from the MotoGP one year in the car in the wet and having aquaplaning wheelspin in 5th gear !!
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  10. From your direction it's a pretty good ride, and better than from the Melbourne side IMO. Of course a lot of parts are 80kmh now and there are frequently cameras on the downhill from Lavers Hill but still pretty good fun. Beware of unmarked cars travelling slowly for no apparent reason where the centre line is solid.
    Lorne itself is grossly overpriced for food.
    I'll be keeping an eye in this thread as I hope to lead a group ride down that way soon.
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  11. The only long 80kph stretch is Apollo Bay to Lorne but it's a hoot anyway. Princetown to Apollo Bay is my favorite part of the ride but yes, at this time of year it's wet and the road often has a fair bit of moss on it in sections. Allansford to Port Campbell can be done via Timboon or Childer's Cove for variety. ....The other ways to get to Lorne of course are to head to Cobden, then take the Laver's Hill Rd, or keep heading East to Dean's Marsh and takethe spectacular twisty drop into Lorne from there. :)
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  12. Should you end up leading a ride be sure to let me know! Would love the chance to meet some fellow riders :) Thanks for the tip on the unmarked cars. Something that probably wouldnt have even crossed my mind.
  13. I'm not convinced about the Grampians (from Warrnambool that is). The visits I've done there, only over the top (Halls Gap to Zumsteins) is really worth it for twisties. Dunkeld to Halls Gap rd is scenic, but every time I've traveled I've had Roos or Wallabee's jump out - and that's in the middle of the day!

    While the ride over the top of the Grampians is definitely nice, considering you're talking around 200km's commuting just to do a 20km ride over the top, I'd be tempted to go East instead. Much closer and more options.

    Of course if you're heading North for other reasons, by all means go for it.
  14. The northern end of the Victoria Valley Road (where it crosses the Serra Range) is pretty interesting. Also the road up to Mount William. Boroka Lookout access road and a short section of Silverband Road before it turns to dirt.
  15. BTW, this thread now belongs in the Roads and Touring section, not General.
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    True. I didn't think of those. Vic Valley road can be pretty rough though (especially in the middle of the valey).

    Mt William's worth a look, but no separating lines - not the sort of road you can really enjoy a bit of faster riding, but there are a few more options than I first thought of - true.
  17. Grampians in general is an area to leave a bit of a safety margin in my experience.
    As for further south, be sure to report any good pubs you come across in your travels, especially those with accommodation.
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  18. It can get a bit boring to always go East as there's a commute involved with that too.. A bit of variety never hurts. Some routes are mildly less boring that the direct route from W'bool to Dunkeld, but admittedly it takes longer. Yes the roos and wallabies can jump out at any time of the day. Ride in the hills knowing the risks and leave a safety margin is the best advice.

    I've seen roos jump out in front of bikes during the day on the Black Spur too, it's a risk anywhere in the hills. Not to mention those suicide Lyre birds that used to dart in front of me on Chum Ck Rd. Wildlife is always a danger wherever you go but the roos are thickly populated in the Grampians so ride with that in mind. For what it's worth, the roos in the Grampians are a lot more predictable than the tourists on the GOR. :)
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  19. Ive heard that the Great Ocean Road is pretty dangerous even at the best of times. Especially for new riders. Guessing thats pretty true then haha
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    These signs don't inspire confidence in the driving abilities of tourists on the Great Ocean Road.

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