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Ride from Sydney, Bega. Tumut and home

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by scottjosnic, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hello All

    Before I start my report on my trip I would like to introduce myself. I am middle aged man that has taken up bike riding for the last 3.5 years. I currently own a Triumph Sprint 2007 model after doing my Ls and Ps on a Yamaha xv650. I purchased the sprint at 13500 kms 2.5 years ago and I now have 47000 kms on her. Being a new member to Net group and getting a wealth of information from this site and absolutely enjoying the ride reports I thought I should feedback on my recent trip.

    So far my trips that I have stayed overnight to date are

    Two day trip Bells line, Jenolan Caves, Bathurst, Few laps around Panorama Rylstone, Maitland and back on the Putty road 900 Kms (By myself)

    Two weeks Tassie for 5900 kms (Myself, two brothers and a mate)

    Three day trip Canbera, Bombala, Bonong, Cann River, Bega and back home to Sydney 1900 kms (By myself)

    Three day trip Bega, Orbost, Bonong ,Bombala ,Adaminaby,Tumut, Young, Bathurst, Few laps around Panorama back home by Via Katoomba as it was raining and did not want to do the bells 1700 kms (By myself and a mate)

    Two Weeks MotoGP 2012 Bega, Bombala, Adaminaby, Tumut, Tumbarumba, Granya , Falls Creek and Hotham, Ballarat, GOR, back to PI and Home via NSW Alpine area 4300 Kms (By myself to get there and met up with brother and mates for return trip)


    Day 1

    A close mate and I have been organising a 4.5 day trip starting on Thursday afternoon and getting back to Sydney Monday. Unfortunately I have been involved with some equipment on site at a coal mine in Mackay that has some problems. I was sent up there to rectify the issues which took longer than I anticipated and unfortunately did not get back to the afternoon of our scheduled departure.

    As it turned out my mate also took ill and was not in a position to ride his bike. I went to work on Friday morning and completed some outstanding issues then left early in the afternoon. Feeling frustrated that the planned trip did not come to fruition. After the last two weeks on site and the combination of me getting back late and my ill mate I was reluctant to go on the planned trip. My wife suggested that I go on my trip anyway because I was being a pain and she and the boys would be out that night which meant I would be home alone any way. Taking this into consideration I decided to back my bags. I started at 4.00 pm and was pulling out of the drive way a 5.00 pm right smack at the start of peak hour traffic. Living on the north side of Sydney and wanting to go south meant I had to traverse the length of Sydney.

    As it turned out and even though there was traffic to contend with I was quite enjoying the start of my trip. The last two weeks I have been a captive of a coal mine not wanting me to leave until the equipment was up and running. And if anyone knows about mines it is a hot and dirty work environment that I did not enjoy. So just being on the bike now was making my day so much more enjoyable and helped wash the last two weeks experience away.

    After negotiating the peak hour traffic I finally got onto the expressway to Wollongong where I could open the triumph up. It felt good, as I had not been on my bike for 6 plus weeks and I could feel all the coal dust blowing off me finally. The weather was nice and sunny even though it was getting late in the afternoon and the roads still had a fair amount of traffic as it was Friday afternoon. But at this time I did not really care I just cruised along with the traffic wondering where I would end up for the night. Coming into Kiama at Bombo beach I noticed the surf was huge. The smell of salt water was fantastic and now the traffic was a lot less allowing for a more pleasant cruise.

    Just on the other side of Kiama are the Kiama Bends, 80 kms tight corners combined with smooth road with no traffic around me. By the time I got to the Kurrajong turnoff it was starting to get dark and ended up doing the last 30 kms into Nowra in the dark. Have not done much night riding so I slotted behind some cars to use them for a wildlife buffer. Arrived in Nowra safely found a bodgy motel got some food and drink and settled in for the night. Unfortunately I had some noisy pissy neighbours which kept me awake for a while as the separation walls were extremely thin.

    271 Kms Day

    Day 2

    Woke the next morning at 6.00am looked outside and could not see any clouds. I looked around the motel room and shivered as I had crap all over the place, my packing the day before was not really organised to well. So it was going to take me a little time to organise my stuff
    Got all the gear in the right places loaded the bike and was off to fill up. This is a pic of my bike loaded up at the picnic area just before Bemboka at the bottom of Brown Mountain Bega, I definitely take too much crap away but I would rather have too much then too little. And I love my top box, just so convenient when travelling.

    I like to fuel up the night before but getting in late stuffed that up so off to the servo to fuel up. Finally fuel up and hit the road at 7.20 am, cruised down the road out of Nowra with great weather conditions and an adventure ahead.

    Twenty minutes out of Nowra I came across the fire remains of early January that isolated some coastal towns and closed the Princess highway early January 2013. I took particular attention to this because my family was camping at the time at Bendalong. We only made it out by an hour before the Princess Highway was closed. Some of our friend missed out and could not get out hence staying another day. The day we got out was 45 degrees and packing up a camp site was not the most enjoyable day to finish of the holidays.


    Onward bound I stopped at Narooma Woollies for my dinner supplies and loaded them into my top box. Just passed Narooma the weather changed from a fine sunny day to overcast conditions. Just before Bega I turned right to Cooma going up Brown Mountain. I stopped just before Bemboka for my lunch and a cuppa as per previous pic. Only travelled this road twice before and both times have been wet and once with a combination of snow at the top, that was scary. This time I got it dry apart from a lot of mist which was kind of magical through the trees and no traffic of any sorts.

    On top of Brown Mountain I headed towards Bombala and turned right on the Snowy River Drive to Berridale. I love this road, beautiful alpine scenery of the mountains with the boulder strewn rolling plains. I noticed some way off this smoke spiral going straight up which look kind of weird then come across some farmers carrying out a controlled grass burn, if you notice in the centre of the photo the smoke spiral.


    Straight through Berridale to Adaminaby for some fuel and wine I filled up for the ride to Talbingo where I normally stay at the caravan park Just before Tumut. The last time I stayed there I had a cabin overlooking the lake, sitting on the deck with a drink watching the sun set over the mountain behind the lake absolutely lovely. First stop though because there is are no supplies at Talbingo except for a club which I have not been into. Photo of the big trout at Adaminaby

    From Berridale I headed to Adaminaby on Middingbank Road to the Snowy Mountain Highway. Stopped at Adaminaby got some supplies loaded them into my top box and headed to Talbingo. The Snowy Mountain Highway is a fabulous road with long sweeping corners to tight 25- 35 kms corners. And plenty of wildlife signs which are always present in your mind especially the wild horse signs. Imagine coming around a corner and a horse is in your way, makes you think a bit about your speed.

    Got to Talbingo and the Cara Park was fully booked out because some couple was getting married there and booked the park out. Damn time is 5.00pm and I did not want to be on the road for much longer so I needed to head to Tumut at least. The section of road to Tumut has a huge lake on the left hand side which was being used by all types of boat owners. At this stage though I would head to Gundagai and get accommodation there to make the next day’s trip home a bit shorted. Arrived at Gundagai Cara Park approx. 6.30 pm

    556 Kms Day

    From my trusty top box got my dinner supplies and bottle of wine out and my new camp kitchen kit I got for a Chrissy present from my kids. With this I cooked up my meal and enjoyed the scenery especially the rainbow which I got a pic of both ends. That glass of wine ended up being the bottle by the end mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


    Day 3

    Woke early to a beautiful day had breaky and quickly packed. Went straight from Gundagai to the Hume and headed up the Hume for an hour to Yass. This is the part of the trip I was really dreading however it was quite enjoyable. It was quite cool with the sun streaming over the mountains giving a great light show and the country side looking very green and lush. Arrived at Yass an hour latter to fill the bike and have a quick coffee at Maccas. Travelled another half an hour up the Hume and turned off to Gunning. From Gunning to Crookwell loved this section of road and well worth a detour along here. From Crookwell to Taralga where I turned left to Oberon along Richards Road however just before Taralga there is a small section of dirt broad that need to be navigated.

    Another little place I dropped of the have a cuppa


    The small section of dirt road before Taralga


    From Taralga to Oberon is a sensation ride only done it 3 times but have enjoyed it every time. There are pine forest, farm land, bushland and mountain to traverse to get to Oberon

    Stopped at Oberon for Lunch at a little park as you enter the town.

    From Oberon was the homeward bound part of the journey so I did not take any pics from here.

    Traversed great roads called Ruckman’s road to Hampton where you turn left on to Jenolan Cave road to Hartley. Turned right onto the Great Western Highway to Mount Victoria. Here I turned left to Bell along the Darling Causeway then headed down the Bells line of read to Kurmond. Turned left to Freemans Reach and followed road all the way to McGraths Hill Turned left at McGrath’s Hill road and headed to Galston via Cattai ridge Road. At Hornsby headed home in the traffic for about ½ hour. I love coming back this way as you seem to be in the country all their way into Sydney and pop out at Hornsby with only a small time in the traffic to get home. Have come to the end of my journey planning another 4 day trip soon hope you enjoy.

    530 Kms Day


  2. Very nice write up mate - I haven't been able to get past Lithgow yet, but should one day soon. Unfortunately, being female, rides like this on my own is not something I'm comfortable with, so I'll wait on til my partner gets a different bike (he rides a road/trail at the moment - no good for long trips!)
    Thanks for sharing your story. It gives people like me inspiration to travel further and see more of this great country.

    By the way, your pictures don't show on this post, but I got to see them by right clicking them and opening in a new tab.