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Ride for the Hills feeder run from Dandenong Plaza

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by blacknblue, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Hey all :)

    Meet point in the "Kmart" carpark (Foster St/Stud Rd and Clow St end), sort of opposite Dandenong Primary School ... 7 Eleven available for fuel across the road, Hungry Jacks opposite 7 Eleven for human fuel if you feel so inclined at that hour of the morning :p

    NB. Foster St becomes Stud Rd!!!


    Leaving 8am sharp!

    ... this doesn't mean rock up at 8am then go get fuel and/or food!! :?

    Please be fueled up (bike/rider) to go at 8am :)

    Reply here or PM me, so I know how many people to expect :)

    Route will be via Cheltenham Rd, Lower Dandenong Rd, over Nepean Hwy
    to Balcombe Rd, through to a scenic ride along the "Beach Rd" foreshore to the start point

    ... yes I know it's not the most direct/quickest route but, it's the straightest with minimal (if any) corners which means the least possibility of people getting lost or left behind :grin:

    See youz Sunday! :grin: :woot:

    Edit: Oh yeah ... I ride a scratched up blue/silver ZZR250, black Dainese jacket ...

    no, it was NOT me who dropped it! :? :p
  2. Because time and tide wait for no man.
  3. ... and because there'll be 100's of bikes (motorised and bicycles) on Beach Rd and related precincts

    ... and because there'll be 100's of people who haven't pre-registered, queuing to register :p

    ... and because I'm an earlybird and don't especially enjoy sharing the road with too many cagers ... I'm sure I'm not the only one :p

    ... and because I reeeelly dislike having to "rush" to get somewhere on time! :?

    Oh yeah! Nearly forgot the best bit!

    Getting to the start point earlier than most also allows plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere whilst enjoying a perfectly brewed coffee, and admiring other people's bikes :grin:

    I think that's it :)

  4. Check the other 'feeder' runs' start times also :wink:
  5. Well, you missed a good group ride in :cool:

    Aside from yourself ISCN, had only two other replies (PM's) so headed out this morning expecting to ride back in again with just two or three people ... Ha!!

    Turned the corner to the carpark and about THIRTY bikes were waiting for me! :shock: :eek:
    :eek:hno: Sheeeeeeet! I actually have to lead a ride!!! :eek:hno: :p
    Funniest part of this though was, "CClarke" alerting me to the fact that my bike was the smallest cc's! :oops: :LOL:

    ... but the noise of all those much bigger bikes behind me sounded truly fantasssssstic! :p

    ... and albeit the chilly conditions, did plenty of admiring and took lots of piccies :grin:

    Riders that got there much later (there were still bikes rolling up at 11!!!) ended up queuing as far back as the Palais :eek: missed out on the great coffee to be had, chats with new aquaintances, loo stop :p and ride briefing ...

    Though I wasn't able stay for "the" ride, I'm very very glad to have got to Pier Rd early, it was SO worth it! :)
  6. I wasn't sure whether to leave from the Village Green or Dandenong Plaza and as it was my Sons first real ride as pillion, I then thought that beach road may have been a better option than the monash Freeway.

    It was a good ride in to St Kilda.

    They day turned out great until we had to ride home in the wet, but then we need the rain don't we.

    Thanks to everyone who came along to make the day a huge success.