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Ride for the Hills 2010

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. I did this ride yesterday for the first time (looked after the money last year), it was great to catch up with a number of people that I haven't seen in ages.

    Not sure what the final attendance figures were but the column of bikes stretched back a fair way.

    Top marks to VicPol for giving the ride a green light (I went through a number of reds, not sure what people further back experienced).

    The Whittlesea Country Music Festival, 3 letters, WTF???
    Not knocking Country Music but................judging by the lack of motorcycles in the carpark after just one hour was a fair indication that it sucked.

    Don't get me wrong, a cowgirl with the hat, boots & shorts is a definite turn on but hey................

    Does the ride need to go anywhere?

    In my opinion (not that it's worth a pinch of shit, but.....) why not choose a place like the Katani Gardens in St.Kilda as the venue to have stalls, live band, DJ's, strippers, whatever instead of meeting en mass and then riding 50km worth of freeways to a shit destination.

    Spend more time and effort on the end product instead. Why must we "ride" to somewhere every time. It's a bucket load of work, it's resource consuming etc etc, do we NEED a ride or would a "festival" for RFTH's be a better option? If people have a band to listen to or whatever entertainment there is on the day they may stay longer?

    I'm not for a second knocking the organisers, I thought they did a brilliant job organising the event and to see it run smoothly it a testament to their efforts.

    For me, the verdict for the destination is a resounding FAIL.

    How did everyone find it?

  2. Yeah I wasn't that in to the destination. It would be nice to do some more interesting roads but marshalling that amount of bikes on the twistys would be asking for trouble. The first year it was important to show solidarity with the victims in a big single highly visible ride, it is is less important as it evolves into a fund raising event.

    I think the ride is an important part of identifying us as a group so I would want to see it retained except in a different form. An alternative would be multiple feeder rides all coming in through different routes, some twisty some sedate and meeting up at a common location. That way people can make there own choice on what kind of ride they want to get there. Also people who live outside Melbourne can start later and still arrive at a common site together.

    As for a festival of RFTH, not a bad idea, more organization required though but if it is an annual event the festival could end up important to bike manufacturers and suppliers etc as a place to demonstrate their wares.

    As Vic said though hats off to the organisers, it is a difficult and thankless job and things seem to run very smoothly.
  3. Numbers were def down on last year. As well Valentines day and the weather looked pretty crap for the start would have put a few off.
    Pity the organisation wasn't like that in St Kilda as there were more bikes on the day.Victory/Red Bull etc

    Still, the guys and girls that put the hard yards in this year did very well indeed.

    Word on the street is...shhhh that Phil may be going in the direction that Vic mentioned. Organising rides is too much trouble and this one very nearly didnt happen. I'll let Phill elaborate if he feels the need.

    As usual. f'all media interest leading up to the day. Next time we'll slaughter a newborn goat or something.

    The 1/2 hour that The ride was supposed to get on stage at Whittlesea didn't eventuate either as the Premier (Brumby) came instead and had a yack about...yes, his fkn Ute!So that took up any time Phill had to address the crowd.

    Anyhoo, had a blast in the morning being a lazy bastard (after last year being so bloody busy) helping to direct bikes and generally yacking to some old and new good friends.

  4. And Charlie :p
  5. Poor Liz nearly choked on her Maccas breaky when I did the 'Charlie' spiel!!
  6. Personally I think a BBQ at a park like on the Pink & Blue Ribbon rides is sufficient.

    After all we are an event all on our own!