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Ride DRZ400SM with flat rear to moto shop

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by steve-waters, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Folks - quick question here.

    Apart from not being safe - I get that bit.

    I just scored a big fat nail in my rear - all good I think just go down to the shops grab some plugs and also a new toy I mean compressor.

    Get home plug it fine pump it with my new toy along with about 8 of my sons footy and soccer balls cause I can - thinking I am radical come back out 15 minutes later and she is flat.

    Then I recall that even though my tires are tubeless my rims are spoked therefore likely to be tubes. Pump the sucker up again check the plug all good no air leaking - then as the water hits the valve & spokes the hissing and bubbling starts - confirmed tubes doh (and some goggle as well)!!!

    So I am thinking of riding/limping on a flat (and I am talking pretty flat by the 10 minute mark tire) for about 10km - what kind of damage is that going to do?

    The tire is knackered anyway so not worried about it but more concerned with my rim?

    The roads are quiet 50 - 60km back streets - I have plotted the slowest speed limit route and have a couple of servo in the route as well.

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  2. Just buy some tyre irons and new tube and do it yourself. If that's too hard, just remove the wheel and drive/Taxi/Uber to the Moto shop.

    If that's too hard, just ride it to the moto shop. Crash halfway, walk the last bit and buy a new bike.
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  3. Halfway wow you must think I can ride better than I can.

    As I was typing the post I kinda came to terms with I will need to rip the wheel off. It anit worth saving she is pretty well stuffed anyway.

    That's not the hard part I don't have a stand that's the hard part - hmm maybe I bought the wrong toy today.

    Thanks for the reply,
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  4. A milk crate would probably get you out of strife if you have one lying around. Just lift the bike onto the crate so that the back wheel is off the ground.
    Failing that, a stand would be handy for any future maintenance tasks, so invest in one of those.
  5. Sounds like you have an excuse to buy another toy, but as CraigA said, a milkcrate will do.
  6. Nice one cool cool will give it a go.

    Thanks folks
  7. So no milk crates were involved today but I removed rear wheel took to shop they fitted my new Dunlop Roadsmart 2 150/70 R17 - it is a tad bigger than the previous (140/70) but the smallest for a Roadsmart 2.

    To get rear off the ground I grabbed a couple a pair of 300kg racket straps and looped them around the swing arm then hooked the other end to my garage steel angle rafter - took tension on each side a couple of clicks at a time then hey presto bike in air :)

    Pulling rear wheel was easy as was putting back no - the guys at the shop said if I roll around tomorrow they will check chain tension and alignment on the house :)
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