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Ride Dec 4th Colo Heights and back (Past Windsor)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by infinityx, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. It's called putty rd :)
  2. cheers goz :)
  3. tell u what, the bloke has no idea, this will be a shit ride, the route he is taking is crap, that section of putty is not twisty at all, so most of the ride is main roads with traffic

    i bet the cars will be overtaking him lol
  4. With you on this on Goz - thats the boring end of Putty Rd.

    If not doing the 10mile on Putty why not do Bells Line to Lithgow and back - more interesting ride.
  5. Lol yes the person has no idea they would be better off doing the ol road or nasho
  6. You would but im not sure if you read the facebook thing th person who started the ride said they cant ride for more than 3 hours
    And the old road putty loop is alot longer than 3 hours
  7. It's heaps twisty dude. Sure, it's not tight, but definitely twisty. mostly marked 55's and 65's. It's about the 15k's coming into colo heights that really light up.
  8. Have fun on the ride the Lilley, im sure u will enjoy it :)