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Ride days- hand signals etc between riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Clairebear, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is just common knowledge but I was wondering if there were any "standard" hand signals between groups of riders to signal certain things on ride days. I'm thinking along the lines of scuba diving where there are signals like "everything' good", "tank half full" "tank empty - going up" etc etc.

    e.g. -
    "you take the lead"
    "Need fuel"
    "something wrong with my bike - need to pull over"

    any tips anyone can give would be appreciated!
  2. "Please overtake me" - kicking the right foot out while riding in the left side of the lane.

    "COPPERS!" - patting top of helmet.

    "Need fuel" - pointing at tank.

    "Slow down" - downwards patting motion.

    "Watch out for shit on the road" - pointing with toes or hand to where the shit is.

    "Turn around" - point upwards and make circles with finger

    "I need a piss" - grab crotch

    "Awesome wheelie dude!" - two thumbs up

    "I just jumped on the brakes right in time to avoid the attentions of a policeman/speed camera" - punch the air repeatedly

    "I'm bored" - slump to tank/do a "superman"

    "My bike is shit, it doesn't go fast enough" - crouch on pegs and make jockey whipping motion

    "Hello, small child in back seat of car at the lights" - place thumb on front of helmet, extend and wiggle fingers.

    "You're too f*cking slow" - press hands together, place next to left ear and tilt head.

    "Please don't use your mobile phone while driving" - Press thumb and pinky to helmet, then draw index finger across throat.

    "The Netrider Salute" - two wiggling boots sticking out of a bush.
  3. Hey Loz, that was gold. \:D/

    What about greeting waves to other bikers?
  4. The finger does the trick. I get a lot more responses from it than when I used to wave/nod.
  5. Forgot Loz's favourite one, well besides the bending over pointing at his Kevin
    Bloody" Wilson's signature tattooed on his butt which also has the letter W tattooed on each cheek in a BIG size

    i.e WOW, Kevin "Bloody" Wilson

    And Loz's actual favourite signal:

    Seeing a hyosung rider : Point and laugh whilst throwing "Pete's motorcycle towing service" business card at them with other arm.
  6. Now now Wazza, you need to help me here, I'm trying to be nice to Hyosung riders. It's a new policy.

    ...Poor buggers need all the support they can get.

  7. Actually that tattoo was supposedly from Warren "WOW" Jones the Carlton footballer from the 1970's and 80's. He always denied the tattoo story in public.

  8. My favourite was the one that was on that guy in that place.....and you could only see "Wy"...except when he got happy and it read "Welcome to Woollamaloo have a nice day".......ahhh...I'm blushing now.....
  9. on the learner ride yesterday a guy riding toward us from opposite direction did the 'turn around' signal - index finger in the air and give it a few swirls, but he wasn't on our ride ---- I thought he might have been trying to:

    a: fugg us up and make a bunch of learners turn around (bastard!)
    b: indicate there were police ahead (in my mind the whirling finger could have indicated a police light spinning on top of car)...

  10. swirling your finger above your head is also a "watch out, police ahead" symbol to other riders... Just to confuse you lol
  11. i thought so! not so dumb after all.
  12. I always thought swirling your finger was regroup
  13. LMFAO !!!!!
    I'm crying here ...
  14. The Ducati guys use it to signal when they need to have another latte. It indicates the intricate patterns in the froth they crave.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  16. Now that's funny :p
  17. aaaaaaahahaaha :grin:

    this thread just made my day, cheers to Loz n the rest!

  18. I would have thought that "latte" coffee would have become somewhat passe to Ducati riders, given that every man and his dog seems to be drinking it, whether it be at McDonalds. Gloria Jeans or that instant crap that Safeway sells....