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Ride Day Tips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Withnail, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. So I took the plunge tonight and paid up for a ride day at Eastern Creek for Monday 9th April (easter Monday).

    But I'm wary as I crashed both, that's right BOTH times I did the Superbike School last year, first on level 1 and then on level 2. On turn 9 for those who know it. I got good lessons out of it - maintain good throttle control and dont snap it off mid-corner when you get scared (prang #1); and keep a light grip on the bars/tight with knees (crash #2). I'd never been to a track before these.

    I chose the Medium Fast group as Medium was all booked up and I figured slow might be too, well, slow.

    Is anybody else going that day? And any advice for a crash-free day (and tension-free next few days leading up to it!)?
  2. Be smooth and take it easy and you'll be fine. Also keep your fluids up.
  3. My advice from doing a lot of car track days.

    Forget the past off's but keep the lessons learned from them.

  4. what's your bike?

    how much was the cost of each crash..?
  5. You will be surprised how fast people are in the slow group. On both trackdays i have gone to, the slow group were around the same pase as the medium group.
    THere is a odd very very very slow bike.
  6. I realised I probably posted this in the wrong section, mods feel free to move it to racing, motorsports and track days if you like with my apologies.

    abvc it was a 2005 R6. The first prang cost me nothing as it was only minor scratch to fairing and a small spanner job to tighten the exhaust. The second one resulted in the bike being a repairable writeoff due to it flipping over and every fairing damaged. You can see more at this thead:

    the first two pics are of different laps but the same corner. Luckily insurance (shannons) paid out because there were instructors on the track as it was a school day.

    Thanks for the advice guys.
  7. Hey mate

    It's me, John with the Black and Red Flame R6.

    I would pull out of Medium Fast and go into Slow, remember the ride on the weekend I was going maybe 3 or 4 10ths and I am only JUST upgrading to Medium Slow. You will be heaps intimidated and just be worrying about who's behind you and how quickly people are overtaking you

    If you really couldn't keep up with me there, you're going to be left behind something severe in medium fast. Unless you were holding back alot :LOL:

    I'm going on Good Friday mate, any chance you can come on Friday?
  8. :) Thanks Natta and Dezerteagle. While its true i was holding back a little on the ride the other day, its probably good advice to move down to the slow group and take it from there. I just rang them and they moved me. They seem pretty flexible too - like she said that on the day they can move me around if necessary too. I guess that depends a bit on numbers though.

    Originally I wanted to do Good Friday, but I have to work, Easter Monday is my next free day unfortunately.