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NSW Ride day Sunday 6th December

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by POPEYE, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Ride day Sunday 6th December - anyone attending message me if you want to share a garage

  2. Yeah love to share a garage. I know LionzLionz, GeorgeOGeorgeO and myself are gonna be there aswell. How many do you need to book one?
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    Yes please. LionzLionz and friend (Lozza) will both be there. 5 should be enough for a half garage.

    Senator17Senator17 - joining us?

    If I have enough milage on the Brute I might use the day to set up the suspension.
  4. BillyO is coming as well so that should be five already
  5. six - you, me, lionz, Bill, icemaker, Lawrence (Lionz' buddy)
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  6. Agreed, six. That'll probably get us a full garage, so..............

    I'll bring the bbq and blow up spa - you bring the scantily clad women and beers.
  7. I've emailed StayUpright to reserve a garage - i'll let you know how it goes. They may need names to cross check with to see whose booked in. I'll let you know.
  8. In case they ask - George Ordemann
  9. Thanks George. Now your bank account details are?
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  10. Bank of Nigeria
    Account 487693325
    Ref: Ima nidiot
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  11. BugzR34BugzR34 you or any of your mates in on the 06th??
  12. Hey Lionz, my next one is in Jan. On Australia Day. Wife's orders to go on 1 track day every 3 months :(. Will check with other guys. I know they are going on the 19th of December, not sure about 6th though. Either way, hope you enjoy it :).
  13. You need a new wife.......just saying
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  14. Hah
    Haha. Nah she is tops. Has been giving me track days as presents. She just clicks it when she finds out how much tyres and bike repair costs post track days. After my last one I had to get the fork seals done as they started pissing out oil.
  15. LionzLionz - here's next years planned dates - target is one per month

    Sunday 17 January (maybe Sunday 24 Jan with Toprider on South Circuit - will still decide)
    Saturday 21 Feb (Toprider Coach and Setup day)
    Sunday 6th March
    Saturday 2 April
    Saturday 7 May
    Sunday 5th June
    Sunday 24th July
    Sunday 4th September
    Sunday 2nd Oct
    Sunday 18th Dec
  16. Id be super keen on a Feb & April date. Let me know which ones you book in.
  17. So the big decision - do I take the Duke (can go balls to the walls and don't mind dropping her) or do I pussyfoot around on the Brutale?
  18. Take both!!
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  19. Good work George. I'll probably look at:

    Sunday 17 January (Although may not because PI is 04 and 05/01)
    Saturday 21 Feb
    Sunday 6th March
    Saturday 2 April
    Saturday 7 May

    That should sort the monthlies out. I'll let you know when i've spoken to Lozza.

    Also StayUpright emailed back with "Will send confirmation of your garage before the ride day on the 06th." So all good there.
  20. The fairings turn up for the CBR tonight and i'll throw some spare slicks on it this weekend - so it should be good to go on the 06th. You're welcome to have a wobble round on that if you want. It needs a shakedown before PI anyway.

    Just looking at those dates again:

    Saturday January 30th (Preferable as PI is the start of the month)
    Sunday March 06th (will tie in with yours)
    Saturday March 26th (may drop this one out for the following week below)
    Saturday April 02nd (will tie in with yours)
    Saturday May 07th (will tie in with yours)
    Sunday June 05th (will tie in with yours)

    Worry about July onwards later.