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Ride day Photography, contacting Steve Hendy

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Before I did my ride day I found out about the fact Steve Hendy Photography would be taking shots (He does at all Champs days). He has a website, he sais yep you can order photos and has them displayed for you to order. $50 will buy you a CD with everything he has of you. Sounds great, I have sent him an E-mail (or 5) since October when I did my day, trying to get all of my photos. But I get no answer.
    Does any one have any phone contact details for him so I can order some photo’s.
    Seriously I am not trying to have a go at him, I just want to get the digitals of the pics.

  2. Steve "i have no ****ing idea how to take a good motorbike action photo" Hendy who claims to have a diploma in photography can't take bike photos for shit. Period.

    He takes the photos on the warm up laps, of the first sessions, when people are furthermost off their game. He aims at the tip in point, well before the bike is even lent over. There are far better corners too snap photos at broadford, and this fat lazy wanker walks to the closest one snaps a few in the warm up lap and waddles back to his van and expects people to pay for them. However, in his defense I'd say he may be limited to where he can stand around the track, but still, there are far better places to set up.

    ****, I got better photos of mates with a 3x optical zoom on a compact camera. There was a dude standing on the back of his ute, on the outside of the fence, at the exit of turn 2 / start of rear straight who would of got far better photos - not sure if he was selling them or doing it for fun.

    For someone who relies on word of mouth for his business, he's up shit creek IMHO. A mate tried ordering photos like you said via email etc and the guy has been ****ing him around since the October 30th track day (the one I'm assuming your referring to FL?).

    Steve Hendy Photography = EPIC FAIL.

    For everyone else's information for broadford photos in the future, you would be best asking a friend who knows how to steer an SLR with good zoom to do them for you.

    end rant.
  3. Yes I am talking about the 30th, yes it is taking ages, Yes there is scope for better shots, But they are all that I have available of the day, so I am happy to grab em… If there is a way to actually complete the transaction.

  4. So I take it he's no good then?:-k
  5. Come on browny, tell us what you really think :LOL:
  6. His camera use is fine, high speed bikes in focus with colour balance and 70% of the time is framed well (though I suspect heavy cropping).

    His timing is ****ing awful.
  7. I like threads like this.
  8. man i just brought a 2k camera


    maybe i should take snaps and extort $50 from people too :) lol
  9. Buy a heap of 1GB USB flash drives, what are they now? $10 or something?
    Take laptop.
    Take camera.
    Snap snap snap.
    Charge $40
    EPIC win.
  10. Broadford have very few restrictions on where you can go, you need to wear a safety vest and check with the marshall at the time.

    There seem to be lots of photographers out there who do this and don't do it well. Perhaps they get lazy? It's still a hard way to make a living though.
  11. this **** clearly isn't struggling...
  12. Camera, MacBook Pro, CD. 5 minutes and you have all the shots on disk for $0.20c as opposed to $10 :)
  13. There really is no excuse for not taking good photos at the track these days. With the advances in equipment and the quality of lenses, plus the ability to take thousands of photographs every day, it should be about as easy as shelling peas.

    In the 70's when I used to augment my income by taking photos at the track and selling them to racers and their friends, the actual mechanics of taking the photos was the same. Get permission, sign and indemnity form, choose your spots, slog all the day round the circuit on foot, get baked, drowned, covered in dust and gunk and hope that you got some good shots.

    However, because film was expensive and processing was also, you took a lot less shots and you concentrated on quality, not quantity. You concentrated on composition and had to be quick because only the pros had motor drive cameras.

    Then you waited for the results to come back from processing and you took the proof sheets to the next meeting, walked around the pits showing them off and taking orders.

    Then you went home, got the copies ordered and printed and took them back to the next meeting and collected the money (provided the rider was there and still wanted them)

    It sounds laborious and it was. But it was huge fun and it got you into all the meetings, you got to meet all the top-flight riders, as well as the ones on the way up, and you made friends that have lasted since then.

    So, if I could do it with rudimentary equipment and an 80-300mm zoom lens, then guys with $3000 Niokns should be able to eat it for lunch.

    Like I said, there really isn't any excuse.


    This was taken from the spectator stand at Oran Park in 1976.
  14. The guy on the ute is a local that does it for fun. Sometimes he ducks home to grab a feed and prints some out. So who knows - I reckon if you went to him in the morning and told him you were keen, he'd print/email some pics of you for $40...

    And also +1 they are generally willing to give you complete track access at Broadford.
  15. A good photographer is a good photographer. Good kit helps, but it isn't the answer for poor technique.
  16. Ive got a mate who is a uni student and a pretty good photographer. I might get him to start going upto broady....
  17. It is even harder when someone is saying yes I will give you some money, and you won’t get in touch with them to finalise transaction details…
    So I take it no one has any contact details.
  18. linky

    your message is too ****ing short. Vic / Mouth!!! FIX!!
  19. :LOL: nice one browny :)

    Your message was too short. There is nothing to fix
  20. You'd be better off doing PI with SD pics whom take awesome photos.

    Off course they are done early in the day, sessions 1 or 2 as they still have to print them etc before the end of the day.
    I'm a crap track rider but still the came out great.


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