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Ride by the lake - thanks Team Moto

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mendosi, May 20, 2012.

  1. So I just got back from this year's Ride By the Lake at Wivenhoe Dam.
    Good fun seemed to be being had by all and well done to the crew that organised it.

    Personally I rode the Yamaha XT660 Tenere and Yamaha XVS650 Classic. Neither bike was my cup of tea, but interesting to try something different to my little CBR. The XT660 sure is tall, and fun, but I think my next bike is still going to be a bigger sports or naked...

    Anyone else there??
  2. For some reason, I had this written on my calendar for next weekend! Sad panda :(
    I was signed up for the same two bikes too :D
  3. Had a great day , what a blast
    Speed Triple = must have low Arrow fitted !! What a noise :)
    Vmax = shred license , its big its heavy and it just goes !!!!
  4. Well a big thanks from me to you; I only got to ride the XT660 because someone didn't make it and I'm glad I got to.
  5. Was out there today as well - great event, well put together. Ran like clockwork!

    Rode the CBR1000RR and the R1.

    Think overall the CBR was a slightly better package, but the sound of that R1... well that sound almost makes up for the rest.

    Makes it a difficult choice though.
  6. Was all lined up to go, had something happen the night before, did not get into bed until 3am, woke up just as I was meant to be on my 2nd ride. Bah. Oh well, guess I will just hastle local dealers if I need a ride on something.

    I was lined up to ride the C109RT first up, followed by the ZX6R. Bummed I missed out. The weather behaved for you all as well.