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International Ride Across The USA

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by tailored, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Did a ride across the USA - from LA to Florida, 8,000 kms in 3/12 weeks through 16 states - in Nov/Dec with my 17 yo son on the back.

    Great ride if anyone is thinking of doing it.

    Now, 10 weeks after we finished, the young fella is still cranking out page after page on the word processor of his daily journals. All with a look of joy on his face.

    Funny, but a motorbike ride across America with your son hasn't got much to do with riding a motorbike.
  2. Sounds like an awesome trip mate. Im sure it will be remembered.
  3. Sounds fun! Did you take pics and/or set up a blog or something?
  4. Yes Ian, an absolute joy.

    And yes Lazy Libran, took 1 or 2 photos, some video and a bit more.
    Have done a site at www.rideacrosstheusa.com
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  5. Do I detect a "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" type story?
  6. Nice pickup wokwon!

    I've got a fair bit to say about that where people piss their lives away without ever living.

    I can't explain the benefit a 17 yo lad gets from a trip like that. Did a ride across Australia on a pushbike with my other son when he was 15 yo 3 years ago.

    It was the exact same thing then - nothing to do with a pushbike ride but a lot to do with him learning about commitment, perseverance, relationships, understanding other people, training and what he's got inside when you really look.

    I guess a lot of people would relate to the riding's not really about the riding.
  7. Great blog, nice pictures
  8. i'm heading to America in June/July .. i shall be doing Route 66 and heading to Sturgis ..

    cant wait
  9. Love the website and the pics. (y)
  10. Way to go. Congrats.
    Will he want to ride on his own bike next time? Hook up Bluetooth headsets and it could still be a personal experience.
  11. Yep, fantastic!
  12. Thanks everyone - I've laid everything out so that someone thinking of doing something similar might pick up a hint or 2. Even if it's something like GPS for cities, atlas for out of the city, etc.

    Kingy - you'll love it. Some of the old Route 66 towns are fading fast, you can see life back in the 1950's easy enough.

    NSSherlock - just tonight he's talking of doing the more northern states. His old dad might just tag along!
  13. Hey mate,

    I'm currently trying to make a pipe dream a reality: to fly to america, buy a motorbike and ride it across the country, maybe this time next year.

    Maybe it's unrealistic (like i said, pipe dream), but ideally I'd love to spend 3-4 months riding from East (somewhere around New York) to South (Texas) to West (San Francisco).

    I currently don't have a motorbike licence in Australia, but have ridden dirtbikes/motorcross for years, so am comfortable riding a motorbike. Would it be essential that i get a motorbike licence and get some experience riding on the roads in Australia first, maybe do my time on my Learners Permit first? Can I just go across with an Australian motorbike licence and just get a motorbike and start riding?

    I'm thinking of buying a bike second hand somewhere in the East then either sell it at the end, or perhaps ship it back to Aus. Any ideas on the practicalities of either of these options?

    Anything else I need to take into consideration?

    Thanks for reading!