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Ride 2 work day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I am the Stig..., Aug 14, 2007.

  1. This is still bike related – just that of the pedal propelled version :p . I’m sure a few folk on here cycle in occasionally, but thought it might be an opportunity to show some solidarity with fellow two-wheeled friends who face similar problems to us in city traffic with the cagers :roll:

    http://ride2work.bv.com.au/home for more info or to register. Maybe get a netrider group in for each of the capital cities? Some positive PR and all that sort of stuff :) .

    How rude of me to forget the date :oops: - it's the 17th of October 2007.

  2. Geez thats a while away. Sure its enough notice? Yeah I,m in
  3. Heh, we could do the Ghost Rider thing and ride our pushies dressed up in our motorbike gear, leathers, full face helmets, gloves and boots and all.... but only over a very short distance. I'm thinking no more than 100 meters :)
  4. What positive PR do you imagine that will get us?
    The cycle lobby never misses an opportunity to slag off everyone else on the roads, motorcyclists included.
    I've got nothing against individual cyclists if they show some common sense (I used to be one!), but I've yet to see any of them show solidarity with us.
    Let 'em look after themselves.
  5. OK class, let's thank titus for that fine demonstration of 'divide and conquer' principle in action!
  6. Hey, I tried to be friendly...
    just kept getting a smack in the mouth for it.
  7. Only some bicycle riders should be allowed on the roads

  8. Wasn’t going to bite, but IMHO….

    We share the road with them
    They are equally vulnerable on these roads
    This is a “family/environmentally friendly†event
    Can spread the message that not all bikers are part of a shady gang
    Might actually be a bit of fun :shock:

    The positive PR if there was a noticeably large group of bikers riding into the CBD on pushbikes may be along the lines of “they’re not all unfriendly typesâ€, “they’re making an effort to do their bit for the environmentâ€, “they actually careâ€, “they’ve got a sense of humour†(not a bad idea in full gear, CBRgoespop, but might get a bit warm on the way home!) etc. etc. from the press/general public – but also the cyclists will see us in the same boat they’re in – and importantly that we share a bit of empathy with them and don’t necessarily think of us being a class above them :roll: . Attitudes like “screw them†only leaves them with the impression that you are out to get them/annoy them on their weekend morning rides in the hills when you come hurtling round the corner and almost take one of them out….
    I’m one of those on this forum who is quick to slate “cagers†because I don’t think they look out for anyone on a bike (or sometimes anyone else). Do you not think that cycling forums/community see us as friend or foe in a cager mould when you’re zipping past them in a cloud of fumes? Improving that image, that’s what I’m talking about.

    Why is there a big toy run in SA every year? http://www.mrasa.asn.au/html/events/toyrun.shtml Because all the bikers in SA don’t know what to do with all their toys? Because it’s an excuse for a ride and a party – probably :grin: . But for one day of the year, everyone on a bike in SA is treated like a top bloke because they’ve spent their day and money doing something for the less fortunate. That applies to the big bad bikers and us noobs with the L’s (I’ll be doing that too this year), so it’s good PR and people have a laugh taking part – and lots do, check out the photo gallery on the site.

    Anyway, I’m doing the ride into work and will be going to the breakfast afterwards to talk to some of the cyclists to bridge the two-wheeled divide :p .

    Ktulu - you've exposed my reason for promoting this event.... :wink:
  9. as far as i am aware there is a big toy run in every state.

    correct me if i am wrong.
  10. lol since im yet to get the VTR (2 days!! :grin:), im already riding on the pushy :p

    my opinion of motorcyclists, after riding on the road for 5 years or so: i'd rather them than cars. yeah they do nip past me faaaarkn fast, but even if in my lane, they still tend to leave more clearance than cars. i can hear em coming easier with their revs. and they look much sexier than cars :wink:

    was riding around glen waverly, knox, ringwood and boronia today (60km on my mountain bike and feeling it), and it lit up my face seeing 3 riders @ an intersection, turn off @ the lights and burn it up, one bloke popped a few mono's. not that im all for crazy antics, but i cannot wait to get out riding with mates :grin:

    back on topic :p im sure i can cope riding to work then, sounds like a decent idea with the full leathers n stuff on too, but i can guarantee it will get hot :LOL:
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  12. only long enough to write "you nearly cause me to crash, call me" on the back of a buissness card and hand it over!