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Riddle Me This, Cruiser Fans!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by HillsRider, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Hi Cruiser Afficionados!

    I'm looking at getting a Yamy MT-01 http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/products/motorcycle/road/torque-sport/09-mt-01 and it occurred to me that, with a Warrior 1700 motor, it may somehow be considered part of the venerable cruiser family. Sure, on the Yamy website they lump it into the 'Sports Torque' category with the V-Max, but surely it only has one thing in common with that big beast - torque. I'm more thinking it is closer to a cruiser given that motor and sound. It certainly goes around corners better than cruisers but is that enough to remove it from the cruiser gene pool! I've ridden one about 18mths ago and it certainly vibrates and pulls just like a cuiser. What think the experts here? Cheers, HillsRider :?: (BTW, I currently have a Honda CBF1000 which has run out of excitement for me - wonderful bike though).
  2. it's not a cruiser

    you dont sit on it leaning back with feet forward like on a couch

    it's a naked, slight lean forward with feet kinda inline with your arse like them funny office chairs crazy doctors sit on compared with a recliner...

    but then there is the motor bit of it that is very diesel like 5000rpm and the pistons are trying to jump out of the block...

    if its excitement your after im not sure your going to find it.... bit like driving a diesel car, some are reasonable quick but..... yeh boring
  3. Thanks Andrewd,

    I hear what you're saying. So, from that, would you say your comments apply to cruisers as well? i.e. that they're boring? :-s

    Cheers, HillsRider
  4. applys to most, i had a m109r that was a blast in a straight line, but pretty shitty at everything else... and a pita for daily use
  5. I find cruisers well fun. It's actually most sports bikes I find boring. But dirt bikes are funner than both cruisers and sports, to me.
  6. Hmm.
    I have used my 109 as a daily commuter (everyday), tourer (toowoomba/back as weekend ride), fun bike (I live in the dandenongs), and general all round bike for 2 years so far.

    I filter, lane split, cruise, launch, holiday etc, with no dramas.

    FWIW I looked at the MT01, and agree it belongs mmore in the cruiser section rather than race bike section of a garage.
  7. I agree with Andrewd... that yamaha is NOT a cruiser.....
  8. Thanks for the input guys - it's all helping a lot in getting my head around this possible MT-01 buy. My memories from 18mths ago are overwhelmed with the fun I had on it - the V8 like noise and 'sense of occasion'. I have never ridden a cruiser but ride with some guys who have them and they never seem to have any fun at all around corners - surely that's what bikes are for isn't it? - carving the corners to some degree or another at least. I'm not talking knee scraping just 'the lean' that reminds you you're on 2 not 4 wheels. The ride on the MT-01 and the videos I've seen say to me that, if I wanted it to, it could be a knee scraper. I can't truly say that about any real cruiser I don't think. I've never scraped a knee - come close on my current Honda CBF1000 though (great bike as sports tourer nakeds go!). Anyway, this MT-01 I remember as an unholy mix of sports bike (at least sports tourer then) and V8 roar with dirt bike levels of fun x 6. I was just curious to hear from the experts here how the thing might be viewed in their eyes as I'm a little too close to see it clearly. Of course, it may just come down to how I feel when I ride it, as it should I suppose, and how much fun it is and is it comfy! (I'm over 40 so I like comfy these days!) My next test ride in a few weeks I'm sure will decide on the spot for me. I'll keep you posted. Thanks guys - HillsRider.
  9. You need to ride a cruiser for a short while to get rid of the sports bike mentality. Either that or hit something that you did not wish to. Some may argue that a cruiser can be ridden as quick as a sports bike.

    Anyway, when you start scrapping pegs on the cruiser you are likely to feel different.

    I was once told something that changed my outlook on cruisers and this was it....

    "Riding a cruiser is a lifestyle thing."

    good luck. :)
  10. I agree that the MT01 isn't a cruiser, but that much torque would be great.

    I disagree that cruisers are boring, but it depends on the rider. If someone gets bored on a cruiser they shouldn't ride one, it's that simple. FWIW we can't lump all cruisers in together, each one is a different ride just as each sports bike has different qualities.

    You don't have to be leaning over kissing the asphalt to go round corners quick either. I like corners and fast bends too, but that's not the only reason I ride.

    Anyhow I wouldn't worry about whether the MT01 is a cruiser or not - if it suits you go for it. I'd like to hear your impressions of it, I haven't ridden one or even sat on one yet.
  11. Interesting stuff Riding Eagle & Kreuzer, thanks for the thoughts. Kreuzer, the MT-01 I rode 18mths ago in certain ways is still vivid in my mind. it was an unholy mix of sportsbike and cruiser. It has R1 suspension and brakes with that wonderous motor. Ahhh, that motor. Not only does it go from slow like it is being PUSHED by the Great Hand Of God, but it actually, really, goes 'round corners like a sports tourer. I won't say sportsbike as it really is too heavy for that comparison but it's weight is extremely well carried and mostly unnoticeable in pushing through corners that would have a regular cruiser sailing off to examine nature. I hadn't had so much fun since riding big bore trailbikes at Menai in the 70's. After a sportsbike or, indeed my Honda sports tourer CBF1000 (a very torquey thing itself for a litre bike!) the pull of the MT-01 from near zero is supernatural, truly it is. That, combined with the noise it trumpets (like a V8 GTHO) and shakin' like one too (even more) made me feel like Charlton Heston in the Cecil B. DeMill movie riding his chariot with the command of a dozen horse at his whim. The brakes were from another world, at least in my experience - I've never ridden R1 or the like.

    This is why I MUST go back and ride it again prior to buying. It doesn't have a screen and was a 'tad' to high for me but I've changed and want 'something' different to the 'sanitized' (but entirely capable) CBF. All the screens I've seen for them are horrible and without exception detract from the character of the beast. How many bikes from Japan can be said to have true character? Only a few I'd say. The bike just makes SO much sense - all the power is down so low AND it handles. Geez, I'm 49 this year - I don't need to prove myself like the kids on the sportsbikes with 200BHP anymore. FerChisakes, with the jolly hoppers the way they are now I want all, or most, of my fun under legal speeds. Don't get me wrong - I love speed but these days on public roads you can't do it like we used to in the 70' & 80's at speed. These damn sportsbikes have to be revved to hell to get in the happy zone for the motor and you're doing 140++ before you feel satisfaction that the thing is doing what the maker created it for! What good is that for any thinking person?! Such a risk to life and licence! The engineers have packed more fun into the low end pull of the MT-01 than most any sportsbike has in it's upper reaches of it's powerband. Big statement but true. Not worth the risk for me now, esp with 2 kids - really makes you think. Nah, this MT-01 looks to put the fun zone of power/torque right where it belongs and can be USED much more often and legally to boot. I just find it hard to believe it isn't selling in bigger numbers - maybe it scares people or they just don't understand it. They should ride it - HA! - they'd certainily understand it in a hurry!!

    MT-01 is, I firmly believe, a bike EVERYONE truly interested in riding should ride at least once before they die. I plan on test riding a Ducati Monster 1100 too. Looks like a great bike but I just have a gut feeling the Yamy will shade it for my purposes - I've never ridden a Ducati so will be interesting!
    So - those are my thoughts for you on the MT-01. get out and have a test ride if you're game! You might arrive home with one!
    I'll report back after my ride when things are fresh in my mind with all the goss.Cheers, HillsRider.
  12. I'm very supprised it's classed as a cruiser. I would have thought it would sit better in the naked sports envelope.
    I havn't ridden a MT-01 as yet but I own a Warrior with the same motor I agree the power from the off is mind blowing. I would love to see how well it does in the twisties as I would imagine it would have more ground clearance than a warrior, and faster top speed due to the weight difference.
    I suppose it's not a big seller because it's a mixed bag. Not a sports bike, not a traditional cruiser. I don't see this as a bad thing because you will then be riding something different from everyone else.
    I'm sure you will make your own mind up if it floats your boat, but make sure you post back the outcome as I find post that everyday riders test ride bikes very interesting.

    Thanks for that, Tosh.
  13. Hi Tosh,
    Thanks for the post and for prompting me back into action on the forum! I've been remiss and haven't reported back . . .
    Well, not only did I go and have the MT-01 test ride but I BOUGHT the bugger on the spot. fell back in love I did!! My gawd, they've even improved them since the last ride with little refinements and touches - nothing major. Long story short it is everything I remember and more - with one exception. I find over any distance, say half an hour in the saddle, the bars are too far forward and/or too low. Makes my neck ache as I'm a little short-arse with short arms! I'll be sourcing a higher set of bars that let me sit more upright. Other than that this one is a keeper, I'm sure. It is unique in the world of bikes and I like that. There is so much 'sameness' out there. Have to say it is pretty hard to get a bad bike these days but this Yammy, in its own way, is as different to all else as is the V-Max. Sorry to invoke the 'Name Of The Sacred' there but hope you know what I mean. I love the way it snarls, bucks, spits and farts on over-run - it has character to burn! I feel special riding it and I've never been able to say that about the CBF1000. The 'ol CBF has never let me down and I'm keeping her as she take a passenger perfectly which is something the MT-01 doesn't do that well - no grab bars and not as smooth in acceleration or deceleration as the Honda. Get out and ride an MT-01 - BikeBiz at Parramatta is where I got mine. They do a great deal and usually have an MT-01 there to ride, either 2nd hand or new. Thanks again guys for your feedback as it did indeed help making up my mind. Cheers! :beer:
  14. Congrats on the bike choice mate. I bet your grinning like the joker everytime you ride her.
    I still do, the power delivery is addictive eh!
    I'm sure you'll find bars etc to make your ride more comfortable as the bike shops will no doubt be happy to accomodate you with add on bits.
    Stay upright mate maybe i'll see you around.


    PS, How about a pic of your new bike, or can't you sit still long enough to take one. LOL!
  15. Found myself at a Yamaha dealers yesterday and re aquainted myself with the MT01.

    Good choice.

    Got some real character.
  16. You should try out the new VMAX if you can find one , this is Bruce's .. just 1000 kms old now :)

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  17. Thanks Peter, Character she has in spades, that's for sure. Hey, that red V-Max certainly is the goods. Does the business for me! I still like to go 'round corners at a fair clip though so that may be a show stopper for me with the big V. Cheers, all . . . :cool:
  18. Hey Hillsrider

    Just stumbled across your thread and felt compelled to comment, like you I'm also 49 this year with two kids and last Sept traded my lovely M50 cruiser in on a brand spanking white MT-01, I just love this thing, as you stated it makes all the right noises and actually goes around corners, Yamaha had the right idea to take the Warrior motor and take a few kilo's outa the crank fit it with a chain and a great chassis and good stoppers

    Heres mine

  19. Your motorbike engine is bigger than my car engine.
  20. Its a thing of beauty, have to agree with some of the earlier posts though not really a cruiser and not really a sports bike but it sure is a lot of fun