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Ricor Intiminator fork valves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by JohnG., Oct 17, 2011.

  1. http://store.ricorshocks.com/

    Recently fitted some to the ol' Caponord...
    Results are fkn amazing especially on gravel/bush tracks =D>
  2. Caponord?
  3. Interesting mate.
    How do they compare price wise to the Gold Valves? And any ideas on if they work as well.
    To make the front end of a Capo feel good they must be good shoite.
    Thinking of changing the front end on the Viffer. But mmm interesting. These and a decent damper setting might be an easier way out than replacing the whole front end.
  4. How do properly sprung dampener rod forks with intiminators compare to properly sprung and properly adjusted USD cartridge forks?
  5. damper rod are not close to the performance of a well setup cartridge fork. you just don't have the tune-ability with the damper rod forks and you are stuck with fixed orifice damping.
  6. I think I'll pay the extra few hundred bucks for the ktm WP forks, triple clamps, wheel and front wheel axle then
  7. Read the Ricor web site,they work differently to Gold valves...
    Yes,they are amazing,it now blasts up bush tracks that were just too hard before.
    I been talking to some V-strom,DR,TDM & BM Dakar owners recently who had good results too.
    You can also fine tune them by fitting different size shims & changing the oil grade & amount.
    Leaving mine std for the moment...=D>
  8. Might cost more than that,these valves take minutes to fit...
    Anyway,if you must here's some light reading for bedtime...;-)

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