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Rich Teenage American Prick

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Manny, May 24, 2005.

  1. http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/04/21/crime.bentley.reut/index.html

    SEATTLE, Washington (Reuters) -- A 17 year-old high school student faked the theft of his 2002 BMW M3 in order to collect insurance money to upgrade to a Bentley, police said on Thursday.

    The teen, a student of Skyline High School in Sammamish, a suburb of Seattle, had reported the car stolen earlier this week, said Michael Chiu, a spokesman for the police in Bellevue, another suburb located between Seattle and Sammamish.

    Police in another town found the $47,000 BMW being stripped and arrested four suspects, who connected the teen to the theft, leading to his arrest.

    "That investigation led us to believe that he wanted to upgrade to a Bentley," Chiu said.

    Bentleys, featured frequently in U.S. hip-hop videos, have a suggested retail price of $160,000 for the Continental GT coupe and $240,000 for the Arnage sedan.

    The BMW was in the name of the teen's mother name but was used as his vehicle, Chiu said. The student was released to his mother, and prosecutors are considering charges."

    If I ever meet this kid he is going to lose an eye at least.
  2. haha stab him one for me
  3. Why would you give a sh*t? I find it funny how people get all worked up about stuff like this. You wouldn't do it, good for you. Who gives what others do. It's a bit different when soemone steals from another etc but f*cking over an insurance company..whatever. He go caught too so has been or will be dealt with. The fact you were that angered about it you had to post it surprises me.
  4. Dude....can you see my house from up there? Thats a fkn big horse your on.

    Peopel are bored, therfor they comment. Get over yourself. If you dont like it then F off.
  5. Hey cowboy (read: homo erotic screen name)
    I'm bored too and made my comment. Your obviously bored and also dissapointed in life hence telling people to F off for a comment. I know greensborough is a hole but hey don't get mad at me.
  6. bwahahahahhahahahaha :LOL: :LOL:

    hey pete, go for a run down nepean hwy again mate :wink: :LOL: (and dont you start with the "nyer nyer at least i still have a licence" BS :LOL: )

    ooooh my, baiting is funny isn't it :D
  7. Don't make me go and do burnouts down your street again!
  8. ahahahahahahaaaa i'll kick ya in the shins if ya DONT :twisted: :LOL:

    may the hoff be with you.....