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Ricers on the GOR, with good evasive scooter riding

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mouth, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. all i can do is shake my head and laugh at that
  2. one lucky scooter rider & pillion!!!

    not THE gor as driving on the wrong side (even without the accident)
  3. Somewhere in France is my bet.

    It looks as though the accident was caused by the car driver suddenly seeing the scooter and...er...over-reacting!
  4. its definately not on the GOR. look at the numberplates theyre like twice the length of ours :)

    but the wank in the 206 lost it mid way in the corner, probably trying to drift the car around, its a front wheel drive and on a sweeping bend like that no way in hell was it going to hang without some serious addition of handbrake. lol

    but had he gotton off the brakes and let the car run wide BACK into his lane then mash the anchor pedal he may have slown it down to take the next corner. Or just went into the next right hander way too hot and see what skills it could muster. But its all thumbs up for the scooter.

    P.S. i wouldnt call that car a ricer, looks pretty standard to me, stock wheels, the slot in the bonnet is standard on them :)
  5. I've seen it before and from memory the car that crashed as supposedly practising its drafting (sliding the arse end out around the corner). The number of people on the corner and the fact that person behind the camera seems to be laughing rather than being shocked makes it a little suss.

    My bet the the scooter rider was dazed about what just happened and got down the road 500m and become enraged but the knuckle head in the car.
  6. Pretty sure it's called "DRIFTING". Drafting is more common in motorcyle racing ( one uses the "draft" of another rider to go fast using less throttle ).

  7. I can see the sapre wheell :D
  8. :LOL: funny as. I think the fact they drive on the right hand side of the road sorta ruled it out from being the GOR or anywhere else in Australia
  9. That's really stupid. Proper street drifting stuff like that have marshalls at either end of the corner to make sure there's no one else in the corner. I think it was just the hatchback coming in a little too hot and panicked when saw the scooter.

    Hmm, but it was an S-bend, if he was drifting and he kept going, he would have taken out those two scooters and that car. Exitting that left corner, he would take the line in the outer lane to make the right corner.