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Ricer Hall of Shame

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by voyager, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. http://www.riceboypage.com

    I thought they were silly when I only drove a car. Now I ride as well, I find them absolutely ridiculous.

    I think the prizewinner (IMO) is the bloke who fitted the fake disc rotor to his wheels.

    ((For those who don't know what a ricer is, its someone who puts mods on their car not to make it go faster/handle better, but to give the impression that it does.))
  2. I'm inspired!

    I am going to stick a Hayabusa decal on my Spada this very minute.
  3. Chapel St on a Saturday night. Rice boy racers everywhere. Even the chicks are jumping in on the action.
  4. Time to start hotting up the CB250. Fairing, screen, halogen headlights, engine rebore, thinner head gasket, sports exhaust, 12 inch tail fins, spoiler, aerodynamic helmet, paint it black with white racing stripes and time to add the powered by Nissan sticker or 'LATINO' in white gothic stick on letters across the back of the leathers...:LOL:
  5. *Thinks: I've got a moke and some spare time....Hmmmm. I wonder.....*
  6. lol! :D

    These guys have big budgets - and iddy biddy wee wees!
  7. Neons! Don't forget the neons!
  8. And you HAVE to remove the CB250 sticker in favour of something else, like "Benelli". But you have to mis-spell it.
  9. I got a few comments from ricers about my ride, and its just stock :?
  10. I used to get looks from the ricers in my old XF, which was lowered, had 12 slotters, and used to absolutely roar when you revved it (it had a few stickers all over it too).

    What they DIDN'T know (in true rice-boy tradition) was that:

    a) it was low because the shocks were stuffed
    b) the roar was from a missing muffler and a hole in the exhaust pipe
    c) the stickers were to cover the rust to stop me being pulled over all the time.

    It was so slow I could have walked faster...
  11. And the clothes peg and cardboard hitting the spokes!!!!
  12. And the clothes peg and cardboard hitting the spokes!!!!
  13. lol I love this page!!!
    Also I have gone down to Chapel as on my CT110... you know to be in on the action :)
  14. I'd hate to be the bike riding behind that thing when the spoiler breaks off due to wind resistance. I'd hate to be the bike that travels in the vacuum created by that thing as well...:shock: