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Ribs on the run!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, May 17, 2011.

  1. This morning, cycling to work, three cops on pushies on Footscray Rd near Costco, giving two cyclist a ticket!

    Not sure what for, but probably running the red...

    Which will attract points to their license that isn't required for a pushbike ](*,)

    Are they as archaic as the horse squad? Or moving with the times?

    Are they effective at more than revenue raising?

  2. I think it's good for cyclists to get tickets. Everyone else gets em why shouldn't they. I'm not anti cyclist. If they are going to have fines, fine everyone, no exceptions.
    Freedom is not breaking the rules, freedom is living within them, then they become irrelevent.
  3. You are kidding surely?
  4. How come?

    Have bicycle related robberies gone through the roof? Has the cyclist death toll?

    Why should they be fined for using common sense to decide whether it is safe to cross a road or not, rather than a little green light programmed by a computer?

    I think they should be applauded for it.
  5. Cockheads.

    No reason for them to be fined if it was indeed for them running a red.
  6. Why not? Pedestrians can (and should) be fined as well. Dunno 'bout the points off your licence bit though, that sounds like bollocks to me..
  7. Because the road rules are written first and foremost for cars and every other user suffers an imposition as a result. As a motorcycle rider you should understand this.

    We get undue attention because we filter for no good reason other than we can fit into a space a car can fit into.

    As a rare push bike rider, the authorities can jam their road rules. If it safer for me to ride on the footpath for a bit I will. If it is safer for me to get clear of the traffic on the red I will.
  8. did they pedal furiously ringing their bells and yelling Weeeawww weeeawww weeeawww as they went by?
  9. This.

    It's not.
  10. I like to think so, but unfortunately I missed that part.
  11. I would like to bring to your attention (everyone) the thread titled "The other 2 wheels". We had a lengthy and in depth conversation about push bikes using the roads etc.

    If a cyclist wants to argue that as a citezen they have the right to use the road like any other vehicle and deserve to do so and furthermore expect to be treated like any other road user, then it is only fair that they abide by the rules of that same road that they are using, as does every other road user.

    I think it is probably taking the matter a little too far when they lose points from their drivers licence. Currently there is no licencing system for cyclists and they should not lose points. But fines? ABSOLUTLEY. If you run a red light then you should be fined.


    Talk about double standards, motorcyclists like to have a whinge and a moan from time to time about other road users and this, that and the other. But one thing we don't have is double standards.
  12. Perish the thought.
  13. I'll check it out.

    You assume that's what I want, but you're wrong. I just want to go to work without being hit by a car. Green lights don't guarantee that, so I make my own decisions.

    Should I be penalised for taking responsibility for my own actions?
  14. The same applies when you are riding a motorbike or driving a car. Green lights do not guarantee that you will not be hit, so do you go around running red lights at will - because you "make your own decisions". Are you above the law? Do you know what every other road user is thinking at any given time?

    Mate, we are all capable of knowing when it is safe to cross and when it is not. However when you run a red light, especially on a push bike, you are crossing through the path of traffic which has a GREEN light. They do not expect that anyone is going to be in their path. IF THEY HIT YOU, THEY COULD KILL YOU. The moronic part of this is that a cop has to fine someone to discourage them from killing them selves.
  15. Stop being melodramatic. Of course crossing a stream of traffic is dangerous, but crossing through a red when it is clear is infinitely more safe than getting up to speed after the lights turn green and there is a queue of traffic behind you.

    Enforcing that is a case of cops applying the law regardless of circumstance and failing to use their discretionary powers. It's an abuse for the constabulary powers given to them.
  16. How funny. A big part of me says good. Freaken pushbikers. Lycra clad homo's.
    In the big book (transport Operations road users manual) it states anyone using the road has to know the road rules and abide by them.
    Same as if you are on a horse. Even if the horse knows the way home and your asleep, drunk. You go DUI.
    We have the boys out up here in summer on their treadlies. Cruising the beaches. They should be handing out sunscreen and doing other useful things. Cant imagine them peddling up the beach after a thief.
    Mostly they get guys riding up for a surf with no helmet on.
    Ribs on the run lol luv it. And here's me thinking mm mm I could go some ribs
  17. Then what's the problem?
  18. Well, you live and learn. Still doesn't make sense to me though...
  19. Lights exist to ensure (HAHAHAHAHAHA) smooth flow of traffic. If you're at a light on a pushbike and it's safe for you to proceed without affecting the cross traffic in any way, I fail to see a reason it should be illegal to do so.

    Likewise, I'll cross the damned street on foot when I think it's a good time to do it, I don't give two shits or a funk what color the twat on the pole is. If I die, I was clearly too stupid to let live, and the guy can sue my estate for the damages to his car. I pre-apologize, I never wanted to infringe on your property, sir or ma'am.

    Frankly, I think quite a lot of red lights could be easily replaced with flashing yellows, for the amount of times I've sat at a red light with precisely zero cross traffic on the motorcycle and the car.
  20. Speaking of horses, I'm really, really hoping now that I ride with the gopro I can start catching carriages whose horses shit all over the road.