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Rialto Base jump last night 13th March 2012

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Mar 14, 2012.

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    You're stupid Walshe, it is cool. The End.
  3. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    Subbed this thread, hopefully it's not too long for the footage to come out.
  4. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    And there was I thinking that someone (Top Gear probably) had dropped a small, fibreglass, three-wheeled British car off something high :D.
  5. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    You might have to explain that one to those of us under 50 I think PatB...
  6. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    OK, the Reliant Rialto was the final incarnation of the Reliant range of small, 3-wheeled cars, starting with the basic Reliant in the 1940s and 50s, progressing through the Regal in the 1960s, the Robin in the 70s and finally the Rialto in the 80s.

    The existence of such a vehicle owed much to the British system of vehicle taxation and driver licencing. Three wheelers below a certain weight were/are subject to a lower rate of road tax, whilst also being legal to drive on a motorcycle licence (although the legality of a functioning reverse gear was always something of a grey area). This is no big deal now, but it should be remembered that these cars were originally intended to compete with sidecar outfits as family transport with a generation of drivers who did not hold a car licence.

    Anyhow, although they were soundly engineered little vehicles and also came with small, light and extremely tuneable engines which formed the backbone of a budget racing formula for several decades, thanks to its poor relation status and the nature of the majority of its buyers in later years, the Reliant three-wheeler became the butt of a thousand jokes, exemplified by Jasper Carrott, through Only Fools and Horses and the Mr Bean series. More recently, Top Gear strapped a Rialto to a rocket motor and fired it into a hillside :LOL:. My original assumption was made in light of this history. Must be a Pom thing :D.
  7. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    Must be a Pom thing, yes. :)


    Base jumping off that thing wouldn't work too well I expect...
  8. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    I loved that episode of topgear. It was the largest non commercial rocket launch in history. :) It flew as well as a reliant drove. LMAO
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  10. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    I get why they made 3 wheelers in Britain... really I do.

    What I don't get is why they put 1 wheel at the front and 2 wheels at the back when everyone knows 3 wheelers work best with 2 wheels at the front and 1 wheel at the back.

    And it's not like they didn't have Morgan to show then the right way around!
  11. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    It's a bit crap dynamically but it's much easier to fit on a real 4 seat body. Given that these were marketed as family cars, that's an important consideration. Sure, there were supposedly 4 seat Morgans but, having seen a couple, the claim is a joke for kids over 4-5 years old. You can't even treat them as seating three normal sized people because the rear wheel arch separates the two (tiny) rear seats.

    OTOH, most of the 50s microcars which didn't pretend to have a useable rear seat put the tricycle the right way round (Heinkel, Messeschmidt, BMW Isetta, Berkeley, Frisky etc) and, as a result, performed quite well for their day. Heinkels and Messerschmidts in particular are an absolute hoot to drive briskly :D.
  12. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    Negroni cocktails..The boys have style.
  13. Re: Rialto Base jump last night

    still no vid posted by our new favourite daredevils as yet. but police can and do use youtube to prosecute you.
    lots more media info this morn though. and they have vowed to do it again =D>

  14. More here


    I wonder if they paid for their cocktails?

    Edit: I can't get that link to work, when I click it, the HS website won't display the story...
  15. They did not.
  16. :? The HUN has gone to a subscriber model. Howmuchdoezitcost?
  17. Well, it's a more stylish way of doing a runner than climbing out of the toilet window :D.
  18. Almost certainly more than it's worth :bolt:.
  19. Oh yeah. It was almost too expensive when it was free.
  20. Just as well nobody else got hurt from this.

    Surely a parachute pack would look bulky underneath a suit?