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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by slygrog, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just quickly wanted to add my voice to the choir of praise for the RHOK products and service. The guys at RHOK are goddam outstanding in both domains and we, the people, should say so as often as possible.

    So about two weeks ago I emailed Takamii to sort out a helmet fitting, as I'd been craving a Lycan since I saw a Netrider zoom past me wearing one in the city, and I finally had a wad of spare cash.

    I got same-day response from him, explaining the whens and hows, and then a follow-up response from his business partner, Ian, inviting me over for a head test. Ian had been in Singapore, and hadn't slept since arriving home. NONETHELESS, a few hours after our first chat I was at his house with my dad.

    Ian was lovely to talk to, showed us his amazing motorbike build and clearly knew his shit. He was super wonderful when it came to my sizing issues (my head is notoriously crap at wearing helmets), switching out cheek pads (XS cheek pads in a small helmet) and explaining possible shape customisations we could do if I was truly dedicated to the Lycan. While doing all of that, though, he was gently saying things like, "But, you know, helmets just don't fit all heads."

    The salesguy was trying to talk me out of the sale!

    In the end, I had to accept that my head is not shaped for the helmet of my dreams, but I couldn't just leave it at that. These guys have brilliant products - I got to feel, wear and ogle not only their helmets but their gloves and jeans - and they're genuine and honest while selling them. That's something special, right? Right.

    So if I can't be a helmet customer right now, I'd at least like to support them by being a vocal advocate. Go check out these products.

    On top of Takamii (I know that is not his name :D) and Ian's personal expertise and gifted customer service, the thing is I literally can't find a better quality helmet than the RHOK carbon fibre offerings. So it's win/win/win for customers.

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  2. Hear hear!
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    Ive got the feeling the rhok business is just an excuse to get people to come and look at Ian's bike :p.

    Well worth buying anything just to see it. Not to mention the quality kit you get.

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  4. Thank you - very kind of you to say this publicly
  5. Any updates on the 34 blues?
  6. yes in stock now
  7. Saw a Rhok Lycan lid in one of mordeth13's recent videos ;)
  8. heheheh I wonder how he got that and the jeans
  9. Hey Meg,

    I cant thank you enough for your compliments. It was great to meet you and your Dad and only wish I could have been more able to help you. Hope to see you out on the road some time.


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    If memory served me correctly, the last time you came here was so that I could work on your bike !.... as opposed to coming to see mine. LOL