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RHOK/Takami Jeans sizing?

Discussion in 'Pants' started by pengo, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Hey

    Trying to source a pair of the RHOK jeans, i guess they are rebranded Takemi Motolegion jeans (as rhok points to those threads here). Anyway if I can't find a local supplier (SE QLD; I've emailed the two rhok stockists) I'll buy directly from RHOK's online store.

    Anyway since I won't be able to try them on for size, if I'm a mens slim fit size 35 (just jeans) I take it I should get size 34 for these jeans? I've lost a bit of weight too, so going down a size shouldn't be a problem.

    So yeah would appreciate any feedback on how to guesstimate the right size without trying it on.

    Thanks - these seem like really good jeans for the price.
  2. Also interested in the sizing....

    I'm a jeans size 30" but the last pair of draggins' were a 32".......hmmmm?
  3. I'd check the sizing on my last pair of riding jeans (draggins) but both of them have been destroyed (by paramedics doing their job (y)) ooops :p
  4. I'd get the 34's, I bought size 38's from Tak, and thought 'if they're too big I'll chuck em in the dryer and they'll shrink' like fark they shrink!! They are GREAT jeans, I got the 38's cut in to be 36's and fit great. You wont regret getting them..
  5. my motolegions are bang on for sizing, while i found draggins you had to buy a size bigger
  6. Measure yourself and get that size. The sizes are true to life if you know what I mean.
  7. I'm a single bachelor i don't know my waist size and have no tape measure.... lol

    I do have one of them tape measures that carpenters etc use, spose i could use that ahahaha
  8. find a pair of jeans which fit you and check the label?

    really not that hard
  9. Kind sir, I refer you to the first post in this thread.

    Your apology is accepted. :demon:

    Anyways, thanks for the helpful advice guys!

    If tyres4bikes is not open tomorrow (most likely not) I'll just get a size 34 (as I'm a size 35 mens just jeans slim fit; as per the first post) from the online rhok shop and hope for the best heh.
  10. Send tak an email, he will make exactly for size including waistband leg length for if I remember correctly $20 more than normal size.. I got him to do it for me and all good direct to door in less than two weeks.

    Cheers Jeremy
  11. Will use std size as need jeans by the end of this week (Fri 3rd Aug), as jeans are all I need to get on the bike and be able to ride it to QT to get it registered (single seat compliance).

    All good, may duck down to big w and get a tape measure (the type tailors use not the type from bunnings lol).
  12. Use your belt to measure yourself. Put it around your waist, note which hole you use and then take it off and measure it. Simple. :LOL:
  13. My belt does not have holes, its one of types that just digs some teeth into it and clips shut.... if you know the type i'm talking about.... not trying to be difficult... anyway as i stated in my first post (in case others skim read like a previous poster might have done based on his "suggestion") I'm a slim fit just jeans mens size 35.
  14. That's actually the same type of belt I have.
    I should add that some brands use vanity sizing. My normal size is a 38 but my draggins are a 36 and my RHOKs are a 40 (yes I measure as a 40" waist). Therefore a 35 in brand A may not actually be 35 inches.
  15. Time to get the tape measure from big w tomorrow then.... :)
  16. RHOK is the new name for the jeans - we are phasing out the motolegion name

    We dont have stockists for jeans as we sell them direct - this keeps the prices down by not having middle man mark ups

    If you are currently a size 35 mens slim then our size 34 will fit you

    it may be a tough tight in the waist to start with but they will give and mold to your body

    The jeans are cut as an easy fit so there is more room in the seat and thighs so its not tight and uncomfortable when sitting on your bike

    They then taper from the thigh to the leg opening to a smaller cuff so that they do not flap in the breeze or get caught on pegs etc

    If you tell me your height and weight I can give you a good idea what size you need
  17. here is a size chart

    Attached Files:

  18. Hey Tak!

    I'm going to order a pair of your jeans today/tomorrow....

    Is it better to go through Netrider or from the RHOK site?
    Also, the blue on the RHOK site looks deeper in colour when compared to the shots you've posted on NR....is there a chance we can get an updated image for the colour of both black and blue?

  19. order via the website

    the website pics are the most current

    also different cameras take different pics with different lighting - you will never get a 100 % true representation on screen same as with your own eyes

    also the wash process can vary the colour slightly from batch to batch

    however we always use the same base indigo blue denim
  20. Thanks - think I might stay with black...

    I'll order via RHOK as suggested.