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RHOK seen at Phillip Island

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The_brick, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Hey, just a pic of Takamii's New lid

    Quick update, very light, not what I would consider loud (even fully pinned down the straight), nice fit, didn,t get hot (but it was only 19C). Overall very happy with this
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  2. I want one :(
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  3. yep the Southern Cross looks gr8 I would grab one in blue if Ihad the coin and needed a new helmet. Man I hope he does not bail me up while I am in canberra I could end up broke quick smart
  4. that picture is going straight to ------ my web page

    who ever took it has nice skills

    so it did get hot or it didnt get hot at 19 degrees ?
  5. I am having a new removable padding section made for the ear recess in the helmets - those that want it in can use it or remove it if you need more space for ears or speakers

    this should make them really really quiet


    this you may not believe

    In the spirit of good customer service when they are ready I will supply them as a retrofit to customers who already have a helmet free of charge all I ask for is a few $$ to cover postage costs
  6. No didnt get hot at all
  7. Ok in your post it said it did get hot
  8. Sweet as!
    keep me in the loop, as with the visors.
  9. Will do - look for an announcement on netrider when ready
  10. helmet looks fast but how did your times go ;)
  11. I'd say 1:33's but I would not be telling the truth
    had a get day and no lap times
  12. LOL - If it doesn't go - chrome it!