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Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Takamii, Oct 20, 2011.


RHOK - Revolution - Graphic

Poll closed Nov 10, 2011.
  1. I like it

    3 vote(s)
  2. I do not like it

    7 vote(s)
  3. It needs work

    8 vote(s)
  4. Commie Bastrard

    4 vote(s)
  1. Okay time for one more of my polls to get peoples opinions

    This time its our Revolution graphic

    cherry black carbon fibre base helmet with black spoiler and vents

    comments for and against and criticisms most welcome

    this would be the look in sunlight


    and this with no direct sunlight

  2. My opinion, which is worth exactly $0.00: I'm not liking the scroll work on the back of the last couple of designs.
    I absolutely LOVE the "pseudo-camo" look however, and I'd like to know what the cyrillic (?) script says?
  3. You Commie bastard. I freaking love it. I would buy one.
    what does the writing at the top say?
  4. It says

    "carbon - essential for life "

    and your opinion is priceless same as everyone's opinion

    remember YOU people out there are my current or future/potential customers
  5. Of course it does! That's a really nice touch...
  6. I actually voted that I don't like it.
    Having said that, my opinion could change after seeing it 'in the flesh' so to speak.
    I have a Shoei XR1100 & the graphics I had chosen after seeing on the interweb was NOT the one I bought!
    Damn thing had little cherubs on it!!! Couldn't see that on the pics!! (the style I bought does not!)
  7. the scroll seems a bit umm how do i say it, like pirate?

    like it has a bit too ye old tea stained arrr where be me treasure map kind of look
  8. maybe replace the flaming A thing in the star on the back with RHOK? it would be an easy way to get some unobtrusive branding on the helmet and anyone buying one could be a part of the "RHOK Revolution"...

    Also who is the random chickadee on the side with the AK nice but kinda "eh". Love the splatter cam look.

    You keep getting more and more interesting designs and maybe one day I will have to get another to go with my Lycan Twilight.

    Keep up the awesome work
  9. The hammer and sickle is a nice touch. It's there but it's not obtrusive.
  10. I like it and would probably buy it as I'm looking to replace my spare lid in a few months.
  11. I'm not your target market, I just want a black helmet with no bling :)

    Even your black carbon one is a bit blingy for me but thats probably where I'll end up, supporting local business and all.
  12. yeah me to, if you could make just a flat matte black Takamii with just a simple RHOK logo on it I would be right on board.
    I see a lot of riders riding around with just 1 color, I think you are potentially cutting out a quite few customers.
  13. If people want a flat black RHOK I can make it - no extra charge will require a 50% deposit and you do realise the carbon weave will not be showing through matt black paint
    also take about 3 weeks to make

    but please take into account that the vents and spoiler will be a solid semi gloss black same as what is found on the lycan and davey jones models
  14. Oh that's awesome cheers Tak I'll get in contact with about one in a few weeks.

    On to the design though, I think the communist theme does have the possibility to be insensitive. It may appeal to the uni hipster crowd but remember there are quite a few veterans out there that fought against communist armies. I believe there are a few Vietnam Veteran MC's around who may not appreciate it.

    Me personally being half Khmer had quite a few family members killed under the name of communism, my father has stories that no man should have to tell and I appreciate every day that I was born and bred Australian.

    I can get the appeal of communist revolution, but so much pain and suffering followed which is what people forget. For me communism is just something that shouldn't be considered cool.

    Sorry to get all serious I just think its a point of view that should be considered.
  15. Your comments are appreciated Kanga
    these days in Russia its hip to have CCCP stuff
  16. I like it but needs a little work.
  17. On the flip side as well I have ancestory deep within the communist movement who although I may not agree with the methods used still hold great respect and am very proud of them and although I'm not political can see benefits to a modern day communist society. So it would not only sell to the hipsters and uni crowd but also those that have other links to it. Also red army shit always looks ****ing cool.

    Now I'll just sit and wait for the government officials to come and take me away :p
  18. What's with the flat-chested chick? o_O
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  19. Political Correctness ?

  20. see that gives me an idea

    instead of the chick maybe I could have this pic below

    The red army defeated the fascistswith the loss of 20 million men