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RHOK Molten Green Wheel Lights on Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by kazinga, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. What I like: The kit comes with everything you need.
    The instructions were very comprehensive and easy to follow.
    I was impressed with the quality of the stickers, they were very easy to fit and if you did need to peel back to re-adjust your line it was easy to do.

    Dislike: The only disappointment for me was that the tape in the green kit is actually white-ish when not glowing. That being said, it doesn’t take much light exposure to start to look green.


    First job - While I was waiting for the kit to arrive I washed the bike and degreased all the areas that I'd be sticking things to, in particular the inner swing arm, wheels and front fender brackets.

    We decided to use the number plate light wiring to tap into, so removed the surrounding trims and seat for access then proceded to find the the globe holder for the number plate light. There will be two wires, one will be the positive. With the ignition on use a test light to find the wire. Once you know which wire it is, take note of its colour, in this case it was blue with a red trace. The negative or earth for the kit was wired directly to the battery post using and eyelet crimp plug.


    Now that you know the colour, follow the loom until you find a convenient place to 'scotch lock' the positive for the light kit.


    As you can see I like to keep things neat and tidy. The two smaller looms are for the light kit, front lights and switch looms. I wrapped all the wiring in black electrical tape just like factory and ran them with the factory loom where possible.


    Hidden between the lower fairing and the upper spear is the switch, down by my right knee - an easy place to access, and quite well hidden. Just another aluminium bracket bent up and painted black. We figured even though the UV lights will switch off with the ignition, it may come in handy to switch the light source off...Just in case.


    UV lights were positioned on the inner swing arms for the rear wheel. We looked at fitting the front ones on to tabs attached to the inside of the fender bracket, but there were welded-on nuts that were in the way and making life difficult. So it was decided it would be easier just to quickly make up a couple tabs that attach at the same point as where the bracket that holds the brake hose bolts to.


    The wiring loom was wrapped in electrical tape, run up the inside of the brake line on one side and speedo cable on the other. We chose to use electrical tape instead of cable ties for a neater finish.



    With the wiring all done, all that was left was to fit the stickers.

    I already had Reflective tape fitted to my wheels, so obviously had to remove that first.

    This was, by far, THE most painful part of the whole job!!!
    Some parts would peel off, some parts required soaking in a little to alot of prepsol, and some parts responded to being hit with heat gun. What a nightmare!!

    When I fit the reflective tape I remember thinking to myself I'm glad I wont be the one having to remove this. If only I knew!! The worst part was the chain side of the rear wheel. I'm guessing the chain lube reacted with the tape making it stick like hell.

    Here we have Reflective tape on the rear with Molten tape (only charged by the ambient light) on the front - no flash.

    As above - With flash

    Overall, I'm very happy with the Molten wheel light kit. The glow is bright, yet IMHO doesn't look tacky. And you don't need to be a rocket scientist to fit it!

    Looking forward to gauging the reaction over the coming weeks, and will update this thread with feedback and more pics/vids as I get them.

    BTW, my husband is an absolute legend!
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  2. Once there's a little more buffer in my bank account I'm grabbing myself a set for the FZ1.
    What I'm not looking forward to is giving the rear wheel a decent scrub as I'm not exactly the most fastidious cleaner when it comes to chain lube splatter.
  3. Nice work kazinga!! The lights look awesome:applause:!!

    Nice work to you too Takamii!! For the choice who who ultimately got the free kit!! I didn't follow the original thread about it, but kudos that you choose someone new!!!

    Keep up the great work folks!!

    Happy journeys!!

  4. Do it! The glow looks awesome, even better in the flesh compared to the pics and vids.
    It'll be worth the effort of cleaning off the splatter! :)

    Yes, thanks to Takamii for choosing a nobody.... \\:D/