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Rhok Helmets - Retrofit ear removable ear padding

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Takamii, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. HI there this is for all people that have a RHOK helmet

    some people have been saying the helmet can be a little noisy at times

    To alleviate this issue I have developed a small removable section that will go into the ear pocket area around the strap mounting points inside the helmet

    It is padded and soft material and wont cause irritation to the ears its very light weight so wont make the helmet feel heavier

    all you do is place it in the spot and the velcro holds it in

    I am doing a retro fit for owners of RHOK helmets and they are now a standard feature in the helmets.

    However you will need to contact me and tell me your name and address again ( as people know I do not like to keep a database of your private details arising from your purchase ) so I can send you some of these to you

    I will have stocks of them come mid to late February - sorry for the delay

    send me an email to info@takamii.com.au with the subject line "helmet ear pads"



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  2. I gotta say with after sales support like this I will not be buying a helmet other then from Tak while he is making them... love my RHOK, great product and with service like this you can't go wrong.
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  3. This latest gesture is over and beyond my high expectations set by prior experiences in purchasing from you. It perfectly complements the fit and finish of RHOK helmets. Good show (y)
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    ALL owners of RHOK helmets who have not contacted me to get a pair of retrofit ear pads for their helmet please send me an email to info@takamii.com.au

    include full name and delivery address and I will send out a set of the ear pads to you
  5. Got mine, thanks Tak.. LOVE my helmet.
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  6. Hey Tak, any future plans to make a flip up helmet? I know it's been asked before but can't remember the answer, cheers.
  7. no plans as i would need to mortgage my house for the development costs
  8. You don't really need somewhere to live now do you? Precious much???

    *Fair enough, thanks.
  9. The earpads arrived in the mail, Takamii. Quite easy to install, and it shouldn't hurt those who have cauliflower-sized ears (y)