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RHOK helmets - heavy as F%#K - I mean WTF ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. So time for me to vent

    Approached a large scale wholesaler ( who will remain nameless) about distribution of the helmets and jeans across the country

    all they said was

    Helmets are heavy as F#$K and the jeans are nothing special at all

    They asked not a single question about either of them
  2. are these the carbon fibre helmets?
  3. yes they are

    perhaps the wholesaler will soon be releasing a new "bubble wrap" lightweight full face helmet
  4. What a load of shit.
    Fuck them.
    (But do tell who it was, so I can parade around their shop in your gear...)
  5. One of the big wholesalers mate that's all I will say
  6. Stuff 'em, its an opportunity lost for them. Someone else is bound to pick them up shortly.

    PS keep note of the contact person you spoke to and rub it in their faces a few months after someone else has run with it.
  7. I getcha Tak - you're a man of most high integrity...
    And I can prolly guess...
  8. Thank you - I think so as well, due to the support of the man/woman on the street as well as in forums the RHOK and Motolegion brand names are gaining awareness.

    This assistance by the motorcycling community means no need to spend big $ on advertising as such pass savings on to the consumers
  9. ??? I held one of your helmets a week ago, and compared it directly to my Shoei - lift one, lift the other. The RHOK one was heaps lighter.

    Who knows, maybe protecting their relationship with other suppliers by keeping you out...?
  10. I HOPE this isn't the person we were talking about :(..

    Chin up mate, the product is good and you can probably do without the politics that go with someone else having a finger in the pie!

  11. Hornet - no it was not - those people were actually very direct and honest and in no way were they derogatory - they said the products were not for them only because they did not want to carry helmets or clothing in their lines.
  12. There's alot of wholesalers out there mate...

    My next helmet will be one of yours, if i'd have known before i bought my current one, my helmet would be one of yours now! :D
  13. I once heard the story of a wholesaler/distributor who, by their actions, upset a massive chunk of the motorcycle retail world and going by that story I'd think that it sounds like it could be the same mob and would suggest that it comes down to jealousy/fear competition.
  14. They must be crazy or stupid. Why are you not willing to name them? (just a question)

    -- Sent from the year 2319 using Tapatalk (if you can read this, I finally got my flux capacitor working)
  15. The reason good sir is twofold

    1 they have by their actions towards me in NO way caused any detrimental effect on the motorcycle community. They have but only refused and perhaps belittled only my efforts. To name them would not in any way affect them but rather just put me in the light of being a vindictive type of person which I assure people I am not, as nitekreeper said its all about integrity. They must have had some business rational for their decision.m which they are of course entitled too as it would be their monetary investment

    2 By not naming I ensure that I will not have any legal ramifications - like Mr miaggi said - best way to avoid a punch is nor be there.
  16. heavy as f**k? What can I say, I like having a f**k on my head then hehe :D
  17. I agree - why risk an established business relationship or perhaps a contractual breach with an established name on a relatively unknown start up such as myself.

    In saying this though the model they use is quickly becoming obsolete in our modern electronic world. however due to the nature of the need for hands on by the consumer regarding the products in question the model suits the purpose

    It's not the rejection that upset me that is just business but rather the manner of it which was in my view an uncalled for insult
  18. Hang on a second
    I may have jumped the gun.

    Perhaps it was said as sarcastic humour ( negative humour where in fact the person making the statement may have actually thought the total opposite )

    As such I must defer benefit of doubt to them as I have no concrete evidence to the contrary.

    In this light I would suck as a prosecuting lawyer
  19. When I saw the title of the thread I thought: "Uh oh. Takamii's just got some fresh helmets off the production line and they are as heavy as f%#k."
    Glad this is not the case :)
    Eh, bugger them, if they don't want a slice of the pie then that's their loss.
  20. actually if we didnt have pass penetration testing i could make the helmets weigh about 980 grams