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Rhok Helmet Review

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Mcsenna, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I recently bought a Rhok helmet through a thread on Netrider. Here are my thoughts on it for anyone interested.
    Helmet..Blood Red Pride Graphic

    Size was based on my HJC and was described as 99% fit compatibility. It is somewhat tighter but the general size and shape is pretty close and I guess the lining will bed a bit.
    Finish is very nice and it looks great.
    It's hotter than my HJC which is probably due to the tighter fit and darker colour, I can't really tell much difference with the vents open or closed, over a 250km ride today. Temp about 30 degrees.
    It's lighter than the HJC by a fair bit, which I liked, due in some part to the built in sun shield in the HJC I imagine,

    The big disappointment with this helmet is the visor wind noise. It starts to whistle at about 30kph and reaches a peak at about 70kph, not changing much up to 110kph. Turning the head slightly either way makes it worse. Cracking the visor a couple of notches helped a bit and putting a hand up to the edge of the visor also helped, bit hard to ride like that for long though.

    The HJC was by no means noiseless but this is MUCH worse, on the same bike at the same speeds in the same conditions.
    I borrowed a friends new Shoei this morning and while it was a bit big the quietness was chalk and cheese.

    So sadly the Rhok will probably sit on the shelf and Monday I will be off trying on Shoeis.

    A word to the vendor, next time you advertise a product for sale in a thread I suggest you add a disclaimer stating that the product you are supplying may not be as pictured.
  2. I notice you ride a CB400, do you have an after market screen of any sort or have you left it naked?

    The reason I ask is that I've found that some screens have a negative effect on wind noise/buffeting.
  3. I hear that the Bell RS-1 is pretty quiet and I can definitevly state that my Reevu is waaaayyyyy more quiet than was my Shoei.
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  4. No mate its nekkid and all the comparisons I made were done on the same bike on the same day on the same roads at the same speed
  5. Cool.
  6. "
    By the way b12mick, interesting you should say that about the Shoei. My frineds was only 2 weeks old and he said it was a lot quieter than his old one which was 7 years old, mind you the old coot is probably deafer than he was seven years ago.

    Its a shame about the Rhok cos I really like the helmet design and if it was just wind rush noise I could possibly live with it, but a loud whistle is fartking hard to live with.
  7. That Rhok must have been really bad, it's fcuked your vision up. I didn't say anything about Shoei? lol
  8. Sorry mick it was rainbow, been a long day.
  9. It's alright, I was just taking the piss.
  10. I know this is slightly off topic, but what I said about screens is important to remember.

    Just because a helmet works really well on one bike (or doesn't work well), doesn't mean it'll be so good on a different style of bike. Years ago I had a GSX600F and bought an AGV Xvent. It was brilliant. Then I sold the 600 and bought the Bandit which has a more upright riding position. The AGV was instantly turned in to the worst helmet I've ever worn, at speeds over 90 it was very noisy and it felt like it was going to lift my head off.
  11. Thats a good point, perhaps the design of the HJC was better suited to the upright position of the CB400.
    This creates a bit of a dilema though cos you arent really going to know unless you try it then you cant give it back.
    Having said that the Shoei was a lot quieter, better even than the HJC. Given it was tested under the same conditions thats what lead me to think about getting a Shoei.
    i guess I just need to make sure its the same model, or Ill have the best clloection of helmets in town.
  12. You're right, it does indeed create a problem. Which is why I'm reluctant to change from a HJC. Shoei's just don't fit my head properly, well actually it's my glasses that cause the problem.
  13. Better in the air than up your arse.
    By the way I love the sound of my bike I don't wanna drown that out just the prick with the umpires whistle.
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  14. I found that mine only whistles when headchecking, 45deg+ turns. Otherwise mines pretty quiet.

    My negative is my liner keeps popping out and coming loose, I'm a size M, so there is an air gap between the liner and the shell. Meaning whenever I put mu helmet on or put my gloves in it, my head/gloves push the liner loose.
  15. What's wrong with wearing earplugs? - I am a commercial pilot and I need to protect my hearing as much as possible. Is that a good enough reason, dickhead?
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  16. Well that escalated quickly... :wideyed:
  17. Who said I fly aeroplanes?
  18. Rotary?
  19. Yup.
  20. Rotary, cyclic all that coordination , clever stuff.