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RHOK Helmet - Custom Paint

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by j-rad, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. I tried to update my review thread but it was waaaay too old.....

    So figured it was about time for an update:

    Helmet is going fantastic, no issues after we modd'd the chin guard a little for the usual freezing WP 4 HR Enduro conditions and heavy racers panting....

    Whilst I loved the RED RHOK http://www.takamii.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11&Itemid=8

    It was time to update....so I contacted my favourite airbrush artist for his impressions...

    But before I go spoiling all the drama and suspension, here's a few pics of some practice helmets I lent him.....not my choice for my helmet although he has done alot of similar designs based off movies, games and whatnot....




    And a wee teaser (in draft) - RHOK will be placed on the chin bar once the helmet is returned to the factory for fitout and the design will contain few extra's but it's coming together :)


    Thanks must go to my sponsor Takamii for supplying me with a bare RHOK shell, posting to and from the factory/artist so many times to a finished product it's lucky they are so light postage couldn't have cost that much but I am appreciative nonetheless... :D

    If you would like you own custom RHOK then it may just be possible. . . . PM for details.
  2. Original RED looks good, but I do like the last pic
  3. I have to agree - those see thru style paints are just delicious and I will always keep my RED RHOK :)

    But surely 2 RHOKS are better than 1 RHOK? :D :D 8-[
  4. too may rhoks and one might get stoned lol
  5. Quick update since things are happening quick and there's been a few Q's.

    If you wish to do as I have and paint a helmet shell prior to final fit out then there’s a few things you’ll need to know.

    1. The first step - Pay for a helmet shell and postage:
    The helmet purchase and painting is a separate process. Helmet must be paid for in full along ($589) with $200 extra for postage for the 2-3 trips it will take.

    2. Artwork: Takamii will send a copy of the receipt to the airbrush artist (Dragan) and he will contact you to discuss your requirements.

    For my design, we spent a number of weeks going back and forth as I had no idea what I was after and has changed dramatically (for the better lol) since I first started. Be aware that depending on your design and paint used the cost may vary helmet to helmet.

    The helmet must include a standard sized RHOK logo within or as part of the design.
    In the example of my helmet above the sticker is placed on the lower side/chin bar (white area).

    Dragan has some examples of his work on the website below - www.ld-airgrafix.com

    3. Final Fit out: Once the helmet is painted to your satisfaction and you have paid for the airbrush work, the helmet is then returned to the factory for final fit out of lining, venting etc and sent to you upon completion.

    It's quite a process and not exactly cheap (nor overtly expensive for what you are getting mind you), but this is a deal at the moment between Takamii and Dragan.

    Expect the total cost for your totally customised Carbon Fibre helmet to come back somewhere between $900-$1000 depending on the final design.
    Considering there are ‘Specials/replica’ helmets out there that can edge over the 1K mark then it’s quite comparable. Also, it’s an easier process than buying a plain coloured FINISHED helmet and having the design done as there’s a lot more prep work and the cost is similar.

    There was a rumour that someone was after a footy type design for something and whilst I'm not sure about the rules around copyright, once the customer has bought a helmet, are they not free to customise it as they see fit?

    I've never heard of someone being booked by the Copyright Police for covering their shock reservoir with a Coke/VB can and being booked for it.....although they probably should! LOL

    Disclaimer: Since I only have a tiny racers brain I may have forgotten something or am wrong, in that case Takamii and/or Dragan have final say and can override anything I've said above. But a big THANKYOU to Takamii for allowing this level of flexibility with his gear, try approaching Shoei or Arai for the same level of customer service and let me know how you go :)

    Otherwise, if you're after something special you may be in luck! If it's a REALLY good design, why not submit it to Takamii's Helmet Graphic competition?!?! :)
  6. J-Rads new graphic

    Attached Files:

  7. Red and White - me likey Pinchy :)

    Did you notice that my red parts on side/to top of helmet kinda look a little like your roman helmet for MotoLegion?
  8. I hate you...
    I'm singing Rock Lobster to myself now... :(
  9. carpetbelly is this you ?

  10. far to close to the truth! lol ;)
  11. Bit of an update. . . .design has been updated a little but should be fairly close to original idea above....





  12. okay looking good
  13. Paint work complete!!!! :D

    Tape off:


    Kangaroo's next 5kms....


    Rear view for competitors :)


    Next stage is clear coating and factory fit out....can't wait to unveil this baby at the track!
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  14. Nice work Jrad and Dragan
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  15. Not really related but I'd like to find the nerd with the LotR helmet and punch them in the boob
  16. Hahaha ok it's a scary story though?

    I gave 3-4 old helmets of mine to Dragan for his airbrush practice......so he paints a bunch of random designs, rubs them back and does it over again to get shots of what is possible....I think the LOTR theme is pretty cool but wouldn't get it on mine....so no boob punching for you today! :D

    Finally, I have some pics to post up of my finished helmet. Takamii called me last week to collect and we (or maybe more me hahaha) nearly fell over when I unpacked it, it's SO much better than I was expecting and can't bring myself to wear it so maybe it's new home is the trophy room hahahaha....

    Nah . . .I will be wearing this out at Wackypark on 10/11 May so come check it out if you're considering a RHOK with (or without) custom paint work :)

    Sorry for the crappy phone pictures but you get the idea - looks alot better in the flesh!




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  17. That is ****ing brilliant - awesome :)
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  18. Ha ha like Jarrad mentioned it was only a practice piece, just for myself and to show others whats possible.
  19. No judgement on the quality of the artwork, just the content :p MAN-BOOBS WILL BE PUNCHED!!