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Rhok Helmet by Takamii

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by modern_ninja, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Yah.... Its awesome.

    Just received it the other day. Takamii came through for me big time. I really, really badly needed a helmet before the 25th and he managed to get mine manufactured, painted, shipped and to me in time. So, thanks for that.

    Now, a pic.


    And of course, the mandatory picture required by takamii...


    Anyway, I'll post up a proper review in a little while when i've had a ride in the helmet. The fit is good.

    But mostly, it looks absolutely awesome. The green colour is great. In the sun its a nice deep green. in low light, its almost black. The silver visor is absolutely reflective. You could see through my old visor on my old helmet. This one is has a great mirror finish that makes the helmet look SOOOO awesome.
  2. Nice one Ninja :)

    Im getting a good collection of "helmet licking good" pictures :)
  3. yeah... i look like shit though.... i had just woken up....

    maybe you should tee up some hot models to give you some shots... all us ugly mugs might be doing more harm than good!!!
  4. I dunno Ninja, reckon you look good in the first pic!
  5. :D Yeah, I agree... I need the helmet :rofl:
  6. You remind me of a bloke I knew called Billy. You definitely look like a Billy, or maybe a Jason.
    Helmet looks good, give us a review on wind noise, does it let any wind in onto the face etc
    I'm going to get a red one if I ever get the spare funds
  7. Ok. Review time.

    I'll be comparing the "Takamii Rhok" against the "KBC Magnum". These are the two helmets I have owned. I really can't comment on anything else.

    The KBC Magnum is a cheap entry level helmet. As a mid to upper range helmet, the Rhok should beat it. I'll rate each category out of ten (each, purely based on my opinion :D) and then add them up at the end for a total score :)


    Rhok: 8/10
    KBC: 7/10

    Comfort wise, the KBC was a good fit. There were some tight spots where the helmet pressed hard on certain spots. The middle of my forehead being one, on the ears the other.

    The Rhok however is a brilliant fit. For mine, the only way it could be better is if it was fractionally smaller. However, that is more because of my odd shaped head and being inbetween sizes than anything else.

    The fit is great, there are no tight spots and I can feel the lining pressing evenly all over my head. Their is plenty of room for one's ears, the padding doesn't touch them at all, which gives you excellent hearing ability whilst wearing the helmet.


    Rhok: 8/10
    KBC: 9/10

    The KBC has excellent vision. The eye opening is nice and large and when you are in the helmet, all you can see is the breath guard and the slightest tiny bit of the sides out of your peripheral vision.

    The Rhok opening is slightly smaller. You can see part of all sides of the eye opening when in the helmet. The breath guard can also be seen. The vision out of the helmet is still good, just moving from something where you can see everything to something you can see 95% of what you used to be able... You miss that 5%

    The other thing is, the eye opening feels more "recessed" than the KBC. So it really feels like you are deep in the helmet/protective cocoon. I believe thats only a good thing. Gives me more confident in my helmet.


    Rhok: 8/10
    KBC: 6/10

    Its certainly quieter than the KBC. Noticeably so. However, it isn't like the cone of silence. I have never had a problem with "wind noise". I didn't notice that whistling noise that these helmets apparently make whilst head-checking. I'll keep everyone posted on that though. All in all, the Rhok is much more "comfortable" than the KBC because it also gives you better hearing. The KBC squished the ears somewhat and made hearing a little muffled.

    Visors/Visor System

    Rhok: 10/10
    KBC: 0/10

    So the Rhok visor is awesome. It is nice and dark, fits well with the helmet and generally is a far superior product to the KBC version. The visor system is alot safer, with it being borderline impossible for the visor to just fly off if riding with it up. The mirror finish is superb, being as much of a mirror, as a mirror. The KBC ones weren't very flash and you could see straight through them half the time. As well as the actual system being a POS, i ended up being unable to change visors (due to the entire system breaking each time I tried it). The Rhok shites all over the KBC in this regard.

    Breath Guard

    Rhok: 5/10
    KBC: 7/10

    Possibly the only "bad" point about the Rhok. The damn thing keeps falling out. Like, it is ridiculously easy to knock it out. Takamii, if you are reading this mate, do you have a trick for making it stay in the spot it should? I'm not sure if its something i'm doing or what.

    It also doesn't seem to keep ones breath off the visor. I noticed some minor fogging today that wouldn't happen with the KBC.


    Rhok: 5/10
    KBC: 4/10

    Or lack of ventilation because its winter... Ie. being able to close the helmet off from the outside world. Both the Rhok and the KBC let wind in through the chin piece. The Rhok lets less through than the KBC. The KBC mechanism was just busted...

    This may be a design requirement however, so people don't suffocate inside their helmet. All I know is, riding in cold weather would be a hell of a lot better with having freezing cold air smashing into your chin at however many k/hr.

    I like the potential of what the Rhok will do during summer. With 6 vents (2 on the chin, 2 on the forehead, 2 at the rear) there should be better cooling than the KBC. The excellent fit of the Rhok will also help this... It will let the air circulate better through the channels in the padding if Takamii is as good as I think he is and he's designed these helmets the way i'm thinking....


    Rhok: 10/10
    KBC: 7/10

    Goes without saying... Its light. I took it out to a coffee night here in SA, i heard the same comment many times over "****, its light". The KBC wasn't overly heavy and I scarcely notice the different in weight while i'm wearing it. However, over time, it does tell a little.

    Look (Sex Factor)/Cool Factor

    Rhok: 9/10
    KBC: 6/10

    Because we all know how important a good looking lid is, especially if you're butt ugly. Its like you get to repick your own face :p . The Rhok looks teh secks. Also, having fully CF helmet that NOBODY else has scores big points on the trendsetter board :D

    The only way it would look better is if there were some schweet designs out... Takamii is getting there, I just couldn't wait! :D

    Chin Strap

    Rhok: 8/10
    KBC: 7/10

    Kinda useless section, but i'm trying to be thorough (and get to ten different sections so i can score it out of 100 :D ). The Rhok is very nice. The buckles are a PERFECT fit for the straps. The only down side is the little press stud is a bit tiny, and because its new, very hard to secure the loose end of the strap. The KBC is a bit dodgy. Whilst the press stud is perfect, the D-rings they used are sloppy and you get a bit of a sloppy fastening sometimes.

    Overall (Love Factor)

    Rhok: 8/10
    KBC: 7/10

    Overall, I really like it. The way everything comes together makes a very impressive package.

    In total:
    Rhok: 8 + 9 + 10 + 5 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 10 + 5 + 8 (79/100)
    KBC: 7 + 6 + 7 + 4 + 7 + 9 + 6 + 0 + 7 +7 (60/100)

    So, there it is. What would be really interest would be to compare the Rhok to a top of the line Arai or Shoei and see where it stands. I'm not sure the Arai or Shoei would be massively better than the Rhok, but i can't definitively say as i have never ridden in one.

    Verdict: don't buy it. I wanna keep being unique :p
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  8. nice thorough review - suggestions taken on board for improvements
  9. No worries. Thanks for helping me out and making awesome helmets :D

    I also take it you have no trick for making the breath guard stay in place? I might try the helmet without it tomorrow. If it works fine, just not use it. If it does actually make a difference, i might bust out the tarzan grip and see if i can glue the sucker in :D
  10. apologies for the delayed reply

    only yourself and one other has mentioned any issues with the breath guard

    perhaps its the way you are attempting to put it in

    I will send some pictures of the install process - however if it persists I will send a new breath guard should it be the issue
  11. nuke the breath guard a little to soften it up

    then put it into place and as it cools down it will set harder again

    if you damaged it nuking it let me know and will send a free replacement
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  12. best!!!!



  13. So it worked for you
  14. nah... just you telling me to nuke your product is hilarious :D

    I'll be trying it on the weekend.