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Rhok Gloves, 1 year on {moved from Riding Gear and Bike Accessaries/Parts}

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by TRA, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Ok, thought it was time to post up a review of the Rhok Gloves.

    I purchased these at the start of 2012. Since then they have been used in rain, hail, shine, snow, sleet etc. You get the idea. I have covered off about 20000kms with these gloves. So far they have lasted well beyond the 6 months I normally get out of a set of gloves.

    When I bought these glove, I paid via paypal. The gloves arrived the next day. Like all leather products, they are a bit stiff when new, but they are still comfortable out of the packet. It does not take long for them to wear in and once they have you cant be unhappy with them.

    Protection? I have not had a spill with them, so cant vouch for it. But they have good knuckle protection. Palm is reinforced. Its clearly obvious that there is kevlar stitched in there for abrasion protection and there is extra padding and hard plastic in the places where its needed. Pinkie finger is stitched to ring finger to prevent injury.

    Good bits? They breath well for an enclosed glove. Not too hot, good air flow.

    Quality? Gloves have lasted 12 months so far, so already winning over some major brands I have used in the past. The main part of the glove is holding up well. They are now really, really comfortable. I have a small issue with the throttle hand, where there seems to be some pressure put on my pinke, just near my hand. After big days in the saddle (ie, a few 1000km days) it really starts to bother you. I am not sure why this is, as the leather is now really soft.

    The bad bits:

    Not long after I bought the gloves, the stitching let go on the cuff on the right hand side. Could be the way I pull the gloves on, but maybe some reinforcing or double stitching on the seam would fix this. I was not overly concerned as the gloves still function fine.


    The velcro bit used to secure the cuff has a hard plastic piece that ends up curving the opposite way of your wrist. Annoying because its does not velcro up all the well. Maybe a second piece of leather here would be better. Still, id does not make the glove any less usable.


    The last bad bit, its the worst. A great glove with a tacky tiny little piece that just really lets the glove down. This is the metal clip used to secure the glove to your hand. Such a shame, because it really makes a good glove almost entirely unsuable for any sort of touring style riding. I just stepped of a 3500km tour and I was ready to ditch the gloves and go bare knuckle because of this.

    Its this bit, as you can see the strap is trying to escape the buckle


    And when you tighen the strap up, the buckle changes its direction, which makes it almost impossible to remove the glove.

    Please please please takamii, fix this buckle. I am so happy with these gloves, but I just hate that buckle so bad. Its probably not so bad for those doing day rides, but when you stop a dozen times a day and have to remove the gloves, its just the pits.

    Anyway, I got back on here to hunt down Takamii for a new set of gloves, seems they are not available at the moment. Overall, highly recommended glove. Aside from the buckle, these gloves have certainly had some thought put into the design. Maybe the new model has a revised buckle, lets hope so. Either way, I will be purchasing a replacement set. The only reason I am ditching the ones I have is because of the buckle, which has taken a year to fail to the point where I cant use it anymore.
  2. 20 000 km in 1 year? That's lots of riding.
  3. Ha !


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  4. Would be more if I could get more leave time. About half those km's are done with my daily commute.
  5. im with you TRA , ride to work every day , rain , hail or shine , then on the weekends if time permits , time for a ride , in winter sometimes get to work with ice on my helmet and jacket . get bagged out for being a dickhead , then if for some reason i drive for 1 day get bagged out for being weak as piss , cant win , good good though , love it , gotta ride them not hide them , Leroy