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NSW RH Pillion eg bracket Triumph Street Triple Rx

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Katt, Jul 2, 2015.

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  1. Hello Forum

    My son recently broke the heal guard off my RH side pillion peg bracket. He is unsure how it happened, one min he was climbing off the back of my bike, the next he was on the ground with a piece of my bike lying next to him.

    It doesn't stop me carrying pillions, as its just the heal guard, however it torments me because it means a part of my bike is broken.

    I have undertaken a search for parts, and I could possibly order one through Triumph for a fortune, however if I am lucky there may be someone out there with a Daytona 675 that does not want their pillion peg brackets, and would be willing to sell them to me for a good price.

    Here is a photo of my torment 20150702_221330.
  2. ahh that sucks :(

    I would have cried..

    Have you spoken to your dealer as I wouldn't have thought that would be a piece that would break unless you crashed.
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  3. No I haven't actually, however the bike is still under warranty so it is worth a try. I agree that it should not have been able to break through normal use.

    I will email them right now :)
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  4. I found my dealer to be very good and replaced the front fender and front left brake line under warranty on my RX as the line was rubbing on the fender and had gouged it after only 1 week.
  5. I will be very happy if they replace it for me, it is the only mark on my pride and joy, and it drives me crazy.
  6. Hi Katt. My mate has a Daytona that's been tracked (2011 I think) and I know he's got lot of road parts removed. 99% sure the pillion pegs were there.
    That said that really shouldn't have happened. I'd be fighting tooth and nail to get the dealer to replace it. That's pretty substandard in my opinion.

    Go down the dealer track and see how you get on. If it's a no go drop me a line and i'll make enquiries.
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  7. Thanks Lionz, I emailed the dealer this morning, haven't received a reply as yet, however the sales rep I dealt with may not have worked today. I will try my best to have it replaced, however if unsuccessful it is reassuring to know you may be able to help me out.

    Thanks again.
  8. The dealer is replacing it for me :)

    I am so happy, and it was really easy, I can't believe it. One email and the part is being shipped via expressed post next week.

    Thank you so much AUS-ESPAUS-ESP I didn't even consider the part being a warranty item, happy happy girl :)
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  9. Great to hear that they are replacing it under warranty :)
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  10. Great news Katt. Would have been pretty disappointing if they hadn't come to the party - but all good now. Nice one.
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