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RGV250 to R1?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Gezza24, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm just interested in hearing people thoughts on riding bigger bikes. I'm thinking of selling my rgv250 in the next 6 months and was looking at anything from a 600's through to litre bikes. I like the 99 model R1's the most, and you can pick them up for a decent price in Australia. They seem quite good value for money. Thing is I don't want to scare the hell out of myself at the same time. My riding history is some MX on YZ80 as a kid, RMX250 a few years ago, sold this to buy an NSR150SP, which I sold 3 months after I bought to get the RGV. Have been riding the RGV almost every day for the last 7 month's, but to be honest, I'd love some bottom end power. Not that I don't like the RGV, i'd love to keep it if I could afford to. I'm just wondering if it's a good idea to go from a rgv to an R1. I've got a fair bit of experience, but I'm usually fairly sensible in not making in huge jumps in machinery and winding up on things that are overpowered for me. Any comments welcome :) Oh yeah my experience on 4-strokes is limited to a wr426 and the cb250's in rider training. Engine braking is weird :shock:

  2. Started my career on an R1.

    Issue on capacity is completely over exaggerated.

    As long as you take any new bike slow, all is fine.

    I found that it was more trouble, getting back onto a 600 from a 1000 :shock:
    The reason is that you get lazy on the 1000, as there is power everywhere. Hence you are forgiven in most gears if you get caught out.

    On a smaller bike, gearing choice is critical. Imagine getting caught in 5th / 6th gear on a 250, once you've braked to 10kph, then rolling on the throttle, whilst changing lanes in front of a car! :shock: Ouch! Bang!

    With a 1000, you can sit in 2nd and take off from the lights, to sit on 120+!
  3. I would tend to think that if you've been able to handle a rgv on your l's with no hassles you should be fine with an r1, so long as you respect it.

    Ps dont come after me if it all turns to sh*t :LOL:
  4. I'm not an experienced rider (almost had my license for a year now) but i think that if you were sensible on your rgv then you should be fine on a litre bike. Just like pilot said, take it easy till you get use to the power and dont yanke on the throttle everytime your at the lights or coming out of a corner.

    My half a cent.
  5. just on a side note. you all say that his rgv experience should prepare him okay for a litre (wel, words to that afect). whats your opinion on a zxr250? not that im moving up anytime soon but i assumed a 600 was simply a MUST as a stepping stone... :? cheers
  6. Well, an RGV250 to an R1 is a lot more sensible than a Virago 250 to a Hayabusa....
  7. You will be fine, people exaggerate how dangerous and uncontrollable litre bikes are, just take it slow at the start and you will realise how easy they are to ride.
  8. I had an RS250 for awhile before moving onto a litre bike. And oh boy, if you enjoyed the powerband, you're gonna like the litre bike punch!

    Take the plunge and go for it.

    I always find it amusing how people are bashing other people for getting 1000 bikes after coming off 250s. I mean it's just the same as sane folks telling you how crazy you are for taking up motorcycles in the first place! lol
  9. Its all about respecting the throttle.. Off a ZZR250, on to a ZX12R. NOw have a ZX14, and still here telling you about it.. :wink:

    Ride within your limits.. Enjoy the R1 my friend.. :twisted: