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RGV250/RG500 project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ylwgtr, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Well i had started this project about 5 years ago and sold it but its about to return in the same state it left....heres some pics....the frame has been extensivly modified every nut bolt bracket has been re plated or replaced,new everything,NSR250MC28 tank and tail,RGV250 (Electric start model) VJ23 top,headlight and side fairings,VTR1000SP1 dash...Three months of ball breaking went into this little puppy...............its super tough!






  2. Thats sweet. It would absolutly fly. What front end are u using?
  3. the front end that i fitted when i built it was a beefed up RGV one....but i hav an 05 GSXR750 one to go in it now and a matching rear wheel
  4. Goddamn, I think I'm aroused...

    Very, very nice work mate. will be an absolute weapon. God you better race it :p

  5. sweet looking bike.

    Is that a VJ22 swing arm?

    Are all RGV parts you used VJ23? Interested to see what you do next.
  6. no its vj22 stuff...just the bodywork was off a 23....
    heres old grandpa himself....i have fitted an RGVfront end and rear wheel to it....actually i done it for the previous owner about 7 years ago..i ended up buying it off him ....its so damn clean...its awsome


  7. on another note...... we are just about to start making a pattern for crankcases to take four RGV cylinders...we "may" be casting them...depends on how we go with the first set of dummy case's
  8. Even grandpa lookes great! That would have been a shame to have started changing him!

    You should try and put in a modern front end, radial wavey brakes and that would look amazing!

    Keep up the good work mate!
  9. wow

    so its an RGV frame with an RG motor thats going to take RGV cylinders and mixed and matched everything else

    wet dream tonight

    hope ur in sydney i realy wana see this thing
    keep us posted

    BTW would it be road legal or would they check the frame for modifications
  10. yeah its all certified....registered as an RGV250 with an engine swap....the RGV cylinder thing is a diffrent project that will be a custom set of crankcase's that will hold RGV internals...but a 500CC V4 engine
  11. I JUST CREAMED MYSELF :shock: Top stuff dude :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. Love the 500cc RGV conversions. I gan only guess how sweet it would sound...
  13. You are sick!!!

    Love your work!! Keep us posted I would love to see this pupy in action!!
  14. thanks....i think :LOL: ..... just setting up a CNC mill at the moment and once thats going will be getting cracking on the RGV500 crankcase's
  15. How's this project going?

    I can't PM you to find out how you when with the crank case mod and adaptor plate.
    If you have the template for the adaptor plate and the machines to make the required bits for the RGV cylindered Rg500/400 case drop me a line coz I'm currently looking at getting it all done in the UK.

    Cheers Ash.
  16. love the work :twisted: