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RGV250 - problems kickstarting and warming up

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bmxer, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone. Got rgv250 last week.

    I am not sure whether its the way I do it or there is some problem with bike.
    I am having hard time to get it starting and warming up. Yesterday I kickstartd it and then tried to throttle and engine stalls. I pull ckoke and tries a punch of time and no use until i gave up :cry: . Today I motivated myself to try again. So there I go kickstarted it and waw left it running for 2-3 minutes. And then tried to throttle again to 5-6 rpm and suddenly engine stalls in the middle! Tried to kickstart again many times (drives me nut prbably tried 30 times!) and no use :evil: . Its like you've got 1 chance if u missed it then leave it for another time.

    Although I managed to get it running last week and took it for a ride to city but that was because when I kicked it suddenly revved to 11-12 rpm until I hold the throttle back myself.

    Am planning to do it again later but this time holding the throttle at 10 -11 rpm for a minute if managed to get it starting :eek: .
  2. check battery, it needs good charge to run properly, my rgv would run crap and stall when the battery was shitty.
    if you have a battery charger whack it on overnight and see what happens
  3. I dont know but when i turn ignition on the neutral light comes on and i can
    turn headlights on so thought battery ok. It was fitted march this year by
    previous owner so just 6 months old. The bike would start sometimes but
    then when you rev it suddenly stalls. Also when I took it for a ride last week
    I noticed that it would go very week at 1st gear and need to be revved to 5-6
    rpm to get going. It does not happen all the time though. I reckond this is the
    power band issue with the storkers.
  4. Just tried it again. I left it running a bit and then pull on the throttle to 10-11 rpm. It was going weak through 6-7 rpm but pulled throttle harder and there it goes. Now it idles ok and i can rev it up no problem. Thought this is not really the ideal way to do it :shock: but its doing it for me. Any clues?
  5. If you look in the user manual, the normal operating rev is 7000rpm.

    There will be no power below 7000rpm, 9000rpm is when the engine starts to wake up. Try to keep her in the happy rev range ie 9000-11,000rpm.

    Yes you need to give is a bit of rev to start, mate its a 2-stroke race bike.
  6. clean and check the carbies and fuel lines. I feel ya buddie..
  7. where are you in melb? maybe I can make time 2 come and help. Im no mechanic but know abit about the RGV, been through quite a fue issues myself inculding a blown motor.
  8. standard 2-stroke troubleshooting.

    check spark plugs - an rgv ridden and regulation speeds will foul its plugs fairly often

    check air filter - if it cant breath proper it wont go

    does it have a fuel filter?

    check terminals on battery, if it is new, maybe it needs to be nipped up a bit?

    then to the high-tech stuff

    carbies, exhaust valves, cdi etc.

    good luck
  9. well again the problem persist :mad: I stopped by at mates house
    and stayed for a couple of hours and then back to bike to kickstart and ride
    but suddenly stalls again and wouldn't start .. haah. left it to sleep there :cry:.

    Grip: Thanx for the tip mate.

    fastkid: Would really appreciate your kind help mate. I live in footscray
    about 7-8 kms from City. If you feel you can come down PM me your
    number and will call you. Would really love to talk to guys owning rgv250 :grin:

    joelridescbr: I made a note of that although haven't got a clue on how to go
    about doing any of these but would at least help to start learning somthin useful cheers :)
  10. Congrats on the purchase, hope to see ya out on a ride soon.


    These guys are the gurus in RGV stuff, and there are a few Melbourne based people there too ;)

    Do a search on there and see what help it can give ya.

    When was the last rebuild done? I also agree with most of the advice, check the battery and your plugs.

    I'm on the other side of town, but I can give you a hand too if need be.
  11. i had one, rebuilt twice.
    i had the manual but it went with the bike
    just sold not that long ago (maybe a month or so)

    i loved that bike, wish i was close enough to help because i loved tinkering with her.

    here she is my old baby with her big sister right behind :)
  12. Sounds like it's a time for an engine tune mate.

    My old RGV was about knackered and used to have a starting routine like this: (Provided there was fuel and oil in it, and the fuel tap was ON)

    1) If the engine is cold:
    pull the choke all the way out. Kick the bike like a mofo. If it doesn't spark at all after 10 kicks, hit the kill switch kick about 4 more times. Flick the kill switch back. Kick it again with very slight throttle open. If it starts chugging do not rev with the choke open. This will bog the engine. If it dies kick it again and let the choke do its thing. It should rev up to maybe 5-6000rpm depending on how long since it's been ridden. Turn off the choke once the revs come down to idle speed. Warm it up for the next 5mins by riding gently or giving it the odd rev whilst standing still. Then it should be good to motor.

    2) If the engine is cool (ie ridden within the last 16hrs or so):
    pull the choke out half way. Kick start. After a few tries and no luck use a slight bit of throttle. Once it catches use the choke to keep it running. open it more if it's struggling, or close the choke if it starts to idle ok.
    Let her warm up for a few mins.

    3) If the engine is warm:
    Shouldn't need the choke. Kick start. If it doesn't go, use a slight amount of throttle. Let her warm up for a min.

    Engine flooding is not your friend! If she doesnt' start after all that then it's time to fork out some cash and spare time. Hope it's nothing serious.
  13. I'm not far from footscray, PM if you want a hand. I have experience with a problematic RGV M, but not mechanics as such.

    Also info about km's and servicing/rebuild history would be handy for diagnosis.
  14. Thanks alot guys ... believe the engine was rebuilt by previous owner
    less than 2000 kms ago. He had bores rechromed too (haven't got an idea
    why is that :cool: ).

    I just wana say that the last time I ride it have noticed that the bike struggles to hit power band 8-11 rpm. I would revv in 1st 2nd 3rd gears and it would just peak at 6-7 and not going beyond. Thought that this
    might indicate somthing :? ???
  15. sounds like spark plugs to me
  16. 2 strokes are for lawn mowers!!

    Get something with a four stroke engine and you can enjoy riding.
  17. Just overhaul the carbs, its a 1/2hour jobs and its quite easy to do, clean out the float bowls and the jets.

    There is nothing like a 2-stroke at full song on the band. The closest bike would be the current R6.