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RGV250 Gearbox

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Slade, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. (copy of my rgv250.co.uk post)

    Ok i didnt get far as I had to go to work and started late, but heres the pics ive taken so far.

    mmmm bearing

    rgvbaz , is that the kick start stop thats broken? :?

    I will be back into it early tommorow so I get a chance to get right in and find out where the bearing came from and hope that there is no major damage as I really want the bike back on the road before the weekend

    I will take more pics as I go and let you all know what the go is.
    Fell free to laugh and point at my misfortune with this fcuking bike :LOL:
  2. and here it is, the place it all went wrong :(


  3. very common.....are you using deitmar for parts?If your not you should be :D
  4. thats exactly what happened to me. Exactly.

    Snapped gearbox plate, at the stopper. and broken countershaft bearing and plate that that point.

    Not that hard to fix. just wack out the gearbox. take the plate off. Sand back the place where the counter shaft bearing has snapped. Get a gearbox plate and bearing. and put it all back.
    Hardest part is getting the clutch off. but u got it so no probs.

    I second deitmar for parts. he has so many parts is amazing. :grin: