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RGV250 bike project (exterior) - Need your opinion!!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by fastkid, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Hi guys just to keep you updated on what im doing..

    I bought a Suzuki RGV250 a while back. Problem is I bought it with small mechanical problems and POOR condition fairings.

    However it is my endevour to clean up my lil beast. This is what im doing:

    - Replacing the top fairing and 2 side fairings due 2 heavy cracks from previous owner. Picked up second handies with no cracks all for $200
    - Stipped, cleaned and then respray in pearl blue (top, 2 side fairings and tank) and respray in pearl white for back seat fairing and wheels. $250 Also a clear coat of primer UV protection thingy.
    - Awsome looking "RGV" sticker and Hayabusa symbol stickers $50
    - Tint screen $40
    - Cat eyes indicators (There little but bright with carbon fiber looking) $60
    - Assembly (fairings and indicators) $80

    Just in case you cant add the total is: $680

    Should be one hell of a clean bike after that. Does anyone have any other suggestions? do you think I could get anything cheaper or better parts? Please let me know..

    Thanks in advance!

  2. sounds great
    can we some progress pics ??
  3. yep just once I buy the fairings and indicators Ill post pics. Steve
  4. Instead spending money on cosmetics, I'd be pulling the top end down and performing a full inspection. Including a powervalve overhaul. Also check the reeds, carbs, clean the expansion chambers and rebuild the forks (new oil and seals). Only then would I bother with fixing the cosmetics.