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RGV250 and flooding? maybe not sure

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Hey guys...

    Since having my licence i've been riding an RGV, in my opinion i consider it is relatively unreliable.

    Here is a list of things that are upsetting me about it. (it's my brothers by the way)

    Warming up.
    I spend my time warming up the bike... waiting for the temp to rise to operating temp.
    Once i've taken off, it runs fine... or so i think. Soon as i pull up to a set of lights. Clutch in, down to first... it stalls...

    After the stall, it refuses to start, due to the "wonderful" kick start, i spend my time embarrassing myself trying to start a bike kicking away with nothing happening.
    I get off, push it off the road... take it out of gear. Try starting a whole bunch more, no luck.

    Luckily one of the times, i was just at the top of my street, (nice hill)... so... 2nd gear, release clutch, roll start accomplished.

    this time at the same set of lights...
    pull up... hold revs a higher, shift down to first, revs drop slightly, but no stall...

    i'm off and on my way to work... off the freeway, pull up at another set of lights...
    now when i'm letting it idle it putters along like it's going to stall again...


    here are my questions

    1. when it stalls, is it due to flooding? if yes, how much kicking would need to be done to actually get it started?

    2. shifting into first, should the revs adjust themselves at all?

    3. should i be adjusting the idle speed?

  2. You and Kath could start a club. It sounds like your bike just needs to be set up. RGV's/RS 250's require alot of manitanence. Go look at some of the threads the Aprilia Girl has posted about her bike. Sound like your in the same boat,
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh too much effort, s'not my bike anyway, brother can do what he wants...

    in his case.... let his learners expire and consider selling the bike...
  4. Lots of guys dont have experiance of this model and dont know how to set them up right. This was one of the main problems with Kaths bike the so called Aprilia dealer just could be bothered seting the bike up how it should run so the thing ran like crap. Two strokes are a heap more effort to keep right compared to a four stroke but the 2 stroke is a hoot to ride.
  5. just for the others checkin this out...

    it's a '93 RGV
  6. RGV's and Aprilia RS's have the same engine. When cath had her Aprilia rebuil a few months ago all the spares for the rebuild tuned in is Suzuki boxes but had Aprilia stamped in to the parts.
  7. Slightly OT, what's a top end rebuild cost from a mechanic?
    Or just the parts?
  8. the engine in the Aprilia is the same as the VJ23 Last of the RGV's that didnt make it to australia

    the RGV's in Aus have a different engine
  9. Approx $400 worth of parts , plus whatever your mechanic decides to charge