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RGV Tires..vj22

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Traviss, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. The track bike rebuild (motor and suspension) has come to an end ,and it ready for a broady day..
    All I need now is tires ,its been a few years since its last track outing and its last set of rubber was k591's dunlops (yes it has been awhile)..
    Whats avaible now or what are modern users preferences these days????

  2. Dunlop GPR a10 are the go these days.
    I run them at both PI and Broady. They're prety soft and I think a control tyre for one of the classes????
    Use them on the road as well.
  3. second vote for GPRA10's.
  4. Bridgestone BT003's were recently (last year?) used in a high profile motorcycle magazines 'Superbike Shootout' and are by all accounts brilliant to ride on. Essentially they're a thinly veiled race slick, having only a few scant tread cuts to appease the legal boffins that approve tyres for road use.

    Cheers - boingk
  5. GPRA10's on order thx..
    Are these all we have to fit the rgv in australia..seems no one else has the sizes to fit the 110 front or is my bike shop telling me pokies..
  6. Pffft...110 is a pretty standard size. BT003's certainly come in it, as does the Metzeler fitted on my 16 inch front on the Gixxer! I'd say your shop is squealing all the way home :D

    - boingk
  7. Continental also make tyres that'll fit. You can get almost any brand and make out there, I do like the feedback of the dunlops.
  8. i've been told an old trick was to put a 120 front on them.

    since i have a 120/160 combination on mine, a wider Marvic rear rim, and a heap more cc's in between the frame's spars... i'm not sure what is right for a stock bike anymore.
  9. 120 width front on a bike will generally make it feel a little bit more plush and a little bit less responsive to input as opposed to a 110. Hell, I have a 110 on my GSX-1100 and its brilliant. Can't imagine putting a 120 on a hot-shot 250cc two-stroke.

    Grip shouldn't be an issue if you're buying a good tyre as the profile and compound will work with you there.

    - boingk