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RGV Electrical Prob

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Useful_Idiot, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. After only just getting my bike back from the workshop the indicators have now decided to play silly buggers. I am currently suspecting a shit battery.

    The flashers work in a sense, however only when the bike is idle and I'm not breaking. If I rev they stop flashing. Sometimes that don't flash or they flash with weird intervals. If I have head light on, break light on and try to indicate the bike sometimes dies completely. I read somewhere that a naff battery causes weird things to happen. Do silly bugger flashers count?

    Shit.. I need to get some sleep.
  2. When indicators do weird things, particularly when applying other electrical loads, it's an earthing problem.

    check all you indicator earth connections are good.
  3. As far as I can tell all the wiring is correct.

    I doesn't indicate in neutral at all, in gear in indicates slowly and only when the bike is around idle. It indicates best when the headlight is on, however as soon as you rev they stop. Braking also causes them to stop regardless. So annoying. And to think it just past a road worthy.
  4. Grab a multimeter, and stick it on your batt while running. Give it a rev as well and see what the voltage does. Might be that you have a reg problem. (My RGV did) used to keep blowing headlights.
  5. Not so much that it is correct. the fact that it is intermittent indicates (pun intended) that it is wired correctly.

    Rather one of the connections isn't mating properly.

    Pull the connectors apart and reconnect them. Look for loose wires.

    Some older indicators rely on the stem having a good metal contact with the chassis. I doubt this would be the case on the RGV, but just in case. If this is the case, pull the stem out and clean everything up with a wire brush.
  6. Certainly sounds like a reg/rec problem to me.

    Grab a multimeter and follow this simple fault finding chart, it will tell you exactly what part of your charging system is at fault (if any):

  7. If it's a reg/rec problem, quite simple to diagnose. Check any point which is reg/rec output voltage (low beam light circuit perhaps, or even indicator circuit before the flasher relay. If the voltage is below 12v or above 13.8 with the engine running, then you have a problem.
  8. My brother had a similar problem on his NSR 250.

    It was the reg/rec and was causing havoc with his indicators.
  9. Useful idiot??? Where are you located matey?