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RGV 250 re-build (2 Stroke)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Slider, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    Well I'm up to 17,500kms and I was advised when I bought her to have the engine rebuilt between 15-20K. Anyone have a rough idea of whats involved..parts, labour, total cost etc... I have booked in at Peter Stevens but they couldn't give me a quote...how do I know what to expect pricewise? Or even if i'm taken for a ride? (pardon the pun!!) :?


  2. You might want to try somewhere other than Peter Stevens. I've never been their personally myself but there are a number of people on this site that wouldn't trust the servicing department with their bikes. See if you can get some information on the experiences that these riders have had
  3. they wont give you a quote cos they cant know exactly what will need doing. it might just need a new set of rings and some adjustments or it could go to a top and bottom end rebuild. they dont know how you've ridden and maintained the thing so they cant know what will likely need to be done.

    when i was 15 (8 years ago now.... fark i feel old) it cost me $600 for a full top and bottom end rebuild and rebore on a single cylinder dirtbike. expect ALOT more than that if the bike was really running like a dog. might only be a couple of hundred tho if everything felt and sounded fine and you only need a freshen.

    strokers are a biatch eh :wink:
  4. Hey Slider

    Have you thought about doing it yourself. I used to rebuild my mxers and they were a piece of piss. I doubt the RGV would be much more difficult.

    Invest in a workshop manual and have a look.
  5. Why are you getting a re-build? Is something wrong with the engine? I covered 30,000km on my RZ500 without any drama's or re-builds.
    I'd be checking your information with another mechanic.