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RG500 - Mechanic (Sydney)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ScottJ, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. I am bringing a mint RG500 out of long-term storage and require the services of a mechanic experienced in this type of machine. I have used Tony Magri (an excellent mechanic) in the past, but I am unable to track him down and fear he may have retired from the game.

    Any advice in finding the right individual to get this machine on the road would be much appreciated.
  2. Best bet is to ring some of the following and see how they respond when you tell them what you want to do.....

    The guys on here talk about someone in Aratrmon - not a big shop but very good - sorry don't know his name.

    Of course there's Northside Motorcycles on the Highway at Artarmon - never had any work done there, but do know one of the sales guys, and he of course wouldn't say anything bad about them.

    I live near, and had a bit of work done on last bike by Brian Connor @ Brookvale. Brian's a nice bloke that will give you the time of day, talk as long as you want to talk about bikes.

    I got my last service done at Motorcycle Weaponry @ Mona Vale (Connor's has more than enough work and doesn't do Italian bikes). Real down to earth guys who also talk bikes and show you what they've done.

    There's a start for you anyway.

    And of course, Welcome to the Forum and all the best in getting a classic back on the road and look forward to the pics
  3. There was a mint condition RG500 in the show n go bikes section at the GP.You may want to try and get onto the organiser,s of that and find out some details of the owner and take it from there.
    Or maybe PM Brendon a.k.a. Bangr,who is now crutchmonkey or lattemonkey or I forget coz he's had so many bloody alias's but he may be able to point you in the right direction as to who he contacted to put his bike in the same show.They in turn could give you the owners details.
  4. There are a few aussies on the rgv forum who may be able to help you out.


    You'll have to post up some pics and do a photo journal as you get her running again :)

  5. when my RG250 was on its last legs mmt in granville seems to really know alot about the bike and seemed fairly honest. but they are a little far away.