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RFID tags for QLD riders?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. The QLD State Government is looking at fitting motorcycles with hi-tech electronic devices to prevent them from escaping speed camera detection.

    Radio-frequency identification devices were trialled by Queensland Transport this year to address the problem of motorcycles not having front registration plates....

  2. are the rest of us going to have to stop at the border and get one fitted?

    They'll put it at the fruit disposal bins ;)
  3. I humbly predict that the number of bike regos in Tweed Heads and Tenterfield would explode should this become mandatory.
  4. Wouldn't a well placed rare earth magnet make an RFID tag inoperable?
  5. nice idea - what happens when they paste it to your plastic tank? Or your aluminium forks?
  6. ...gaffa...
  7. when was the last time you saw gaffa work (and come off cleanly without leaving stuff behind the consistency of dried weetbix) after it got hot?

    It is still easier and cheaper to use cameras that image the rear of the vehicle than to implement something like this. There will no doubt be a fine for tampering with a tag, and no doubt it will be policed in exactly the same way as the tampering of exhaust systems.
  8. Investing in radio tags to catch bikes speeding, but we still can't get a waterproof, shatterproof E-tag for paying tolls?

    Ahhhh I'm not even gunna type an argument...

    Every state government in Australia can goan git f*%$ed.
  9. Bonox, are you ok... You know I'm not for this right??

    Fine bro, if the rare earth magnet held on by gaffa offends your senses, I'll get the AC magnetic yoke from work and zap the RFID tag for ya mate. That'll fix it.

  10. I know you aren't for it, I just think far too many people think gaffa is a miracle material, and it still needs some refinement.

    Thanks for the offer - be easier for me to stay away from the crazy state though ;)
  11. yeh that'll do it rob :LOL:

    the moment you hear "hi-tech" you know it is a bad solution

    these electronics devices are never a good plan . all you need to do with RFID tags, is capture the signal of a fellow rider, and broadcast that. a sort of ReTrans device. RFID tags are not secure. period. american passports were thwarted within a week of being released with RFID tags.

    that way innocent riders bear the brunt of these guys.
  12. The technology used in this capacity is significantly immature.
    RFID tags are virtually useless near large metal objects (wow! a bike :roll: ), also they have a lag to them which is fine when you a tracking the position of stationary objects, but not say moving through a detector at high speed.
    Range of these devices varies, but mostly is bounded by feet / meters.
    Other road objects such as cars and trucks will stuff this up.
  13. And that is what the QLD government has indicated too when it said that it was watching developments with interest (or words to that effect).

    A few years ago someone in the newsgroup aus.motorcycles claimed that he was working on such a system and that it was set to make him heaps of bux. Naturally he got booed off stage, but this may be the project he claimed that he was working on.

    Still, it sounds like it's too easy to circumvent. Worse still, to perpetuate fraud against other road users, not necessarily motorcyclists, if they widen the scope to take in all vehicles.
  14. BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It keeps the rock n roll industry going and many many many DIY home repair jobs from falling apart!!

    Gaffa is a miracle material... don't let yourself believe otherwise!!

    Get on your knees and pray now that Nashua, the God of gaffa, doesn't visit you and tape you into an embarrasing unrecoverable position.


    For penance, you have to use the Dick Smith brand for a whole year. :twisted:

  15. :LOL: Rob.

    The only gaffar I know is gaffer tape :oops:
  16. I'm going to use that.

    Gaff is the stuff dreams are made of. I've seen it repair everything from Formula V's to F/A-18's, motorbikes and a nasty headwound. Great stuff.

    Anyway, this is a bit shithouse for riders. But like everybody says, it should be easy as buggery to disable.
  17. Well, some of it has already been said, but to add to it.

    RFIDs are passive devices. They are not powered. They receive a signal, or more correctly a field passes over them, which causes them to rebroadcast the energy with an identifying signal. Therefore, they will always be very low powered, and somewhat non-directional.

    You don't need a magnet to defeat them, just a bit of alumimium foil will do it, blocking the field and signal easily. Or, a strategic cut in the right place with a fine blade like a scalpel to cut one of the metal pathways would do it.

    Basically, it's a pretty silly idea to use them in traffic situations, and always will be, since they are unpowered and easily defeated. What would happen? All the honest people could be tracked (if it ever worked) and the dishonest ones would defeat the system. So us good guys would be punished with no benefit to the public. :roll:

    Still, the interesting point is that they are still trying to identify bikes from the front. I remember my first road bike having a number plate on the front, sitting bolt upright, facing East-West on the bike like a blade waiting for a victim. I also remember taking it off the bracket (which I removed) and bolting it flat on my front mudguard, then having an argument with a cop about it, though I was not forced to put it back.

    We don't want those days back, that's for sure.
  18. I piece of aluminium foil?! I suppose we could clip some off our tin foil hats... :LOL:

    :-k... hmmm, since they're so easily defeated, we should let them go nuts with it... :twisted:

    MG: Gaffa, Gaffar, Gaffer... it's all the same - a rose by any other name etc etc. Muso's and roadies generally refer to it as Gaf... and that's not the kind where you make a mistake... no doubt, Gaffer tape has indeed covered over more than one blue in it's time.

    FTR: Gaffer; "Chief electrician on a motion picture or TV production".
  19. Well, unless they can figure out some way to dispense with lawyers, and worse, the contingency fee lawyers, then we'll never return to "those days".