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rf900 noise

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by endless, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. hi hoping you guys can maybe help me out
    i have a rf900r manta ray ,just did a chain and sprocket change cos they were shagged and vibrating alot, after i got the new stuff on i was giving it a bit of a squirt and i rolled off the throttle and there was a knocking sound but no noticable change in the engine, sped up again and rolled off again and there it was again, but at a different volume.then it went away and comes and goes , bike is not burning oil still revs clean,
    but and this could be me being parinoid but there is a huming sound in the two top gears under load
    i dont know what it could be and it is driving me crazy and been strapt for time so i have been able to book it in for a tune
    also can any one recommed a good survicing place is the south east suburbs

  2. If ur sure the knocking wasn't there before the chain and sprocket change it' probably something to do with that! You'll have to try and hear where it's comming from.

    You could have a look at the sprockets and the chain guides, see it it's touching somewhere. If the chains loose sometimes the loose section can 'bounce' and contact a guard or guide.

    As for the humming, It's a constant mesh gearbox, they will always hum a bit in all the gears, you probably just can't hear it in the first few cause ur having too much fun!

  3. It could be lots of things.

    The chain maybe too tight.
    The clutch slave cylinder, if it's like mine, sits under the sprocket cover. there is a cover over the slave cylinder and it can come loose.
    It may be the drive shaft bearing in the gearbox. The new tension on the chain may have brought it to the surface.

    Try pulling the clutch in next time you here it. this may helo in diagnosise.

    And check chain tension anyway.
  4. will look into that stuff
    drive shaft bearing in the gearbox wouldnt that make noise underload as well